So by now you’ve probably seen the second A.P.C. x Kanye collection for this Fall/Winter and are contemplating whether or not you’re going to sell your soul for a piece. But for those of you who haven’t been virtually exposed to the final A.P.C. x Kanye collab, sleep no longer.

While A.P.C. stays true to its sophisticated style and go-to basics for our closet essentials, Kanye’s playing “God” (again) in the background adding that Yeezy twist to Jean Touitou’s simplicity – this is especially apparent when you see the slim-fit pants and high-low hem on the Army and Airport Sweaters. The Swiss Army Parka (with fur) is probably my favorite out of the entire collection because – that classic high-neck/mandarin collar tho. Aside from the small details (zipped gussets, random straps, etc.) and Yeezus fit, some aren’t impressive and easily fall back to A.P.C. originals. But considering Touitou’s history of modest design and functionality, I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised that he didn’t stretch too far out of his comfort zone. After all, he isn’t known for his toile de jouy prints – he’s known for his subtleties and minimalist design.


The collection as a whole is not phenomenal to me, but I do have an affinity for military garments and love a strong, sophisticated and clean look that a few of the pieces have. So if you’re anything like me, 1) we could probably be friends 2) you’d gladly give up some bills for good quality threads that will last – which, if the collection is truly military-inspired as stated, they will. The official release date for this Fall/Winter collection is July 17.


jovi lopez

Aspiring wordsmith

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