Streetwear For Dummies

Streetwear For Dummies

Streetwear is quite possibly the easiest “genre” of dress. It has no boundaries and no limits. There is no set style or stereotype that needs to be followed. If what I’m saying is at all true then why do we try so hard to fill this hype that we think exists? The best part about streetwear for me personally is watching these big brand name companies drop some “dope” shit, have people jump all over it and then taking a step back and watching everyone else hate on it. Wearing streetwear isn’t cool… being streetwear is cool. It’s not just about the brand of the clothes or how much you spent on some dumb graphic tee, it’s about a lifestyle. After working for multiple streetwear companies this is the biggest lesson I have learned. They aren’t selling you clothes they are selling you a lifestyle.

Everyone wants to be that guy that wakes up in the morning, smokes a blunt, gets dressed in the flyest shit possible, hops into their brand new Porsche, drives to their really cool job where they really don’t do anything except stay posted on Instagram, goes out to the sickest clubs and drinks Hennessy all night long, takes home the hottest chick and then tomorrow does it all over again.  The worst part about this story is that most of us can’t live this life but we all sure want to. So if you follow a guy on Instagram who does all this shit while wearing Diamond Supply Co., why the hell would you not go cop you some Diamond?

Streetwear For Dummies

On the other hand there are the few of us that can actually appreciate the designs and creativity of these brands. People who aren’t in the industry don’t understand the time and effort that goes into every design. For something to go from a thought to a product is insane. The amount of people that are behind each brand and the work they put into every label and stitch deserve to win an award or something honestly. The down side about this is that you never hear about these people, ever. They literally do everything and the big name people in the company get all the credit. The general public only see who is fronting these brands on social media. I mean that is the only way streetwear is being sold now is through there. Brands work tirelessly to get their product on celebrities and athletes to up their “cool” factor and legitimize their brand. I can’t remember the last time I saw a music video where the rapper wasn’t wearing streetwear. Brands live off of people endorsing their shit and to be honest with you, I don’t think streetwear would even be alive without endorsements and co-signs. I’ve had multiple friends who have tried, and the keyword is tried, to start their own streetwear brand. Now as an FYI, none of these people have been in the industry nor have a design background. So why do they try? Why do they think this can be a reality? Because all of these people want to have the lifestyle of the streetwear brands they love.

Streetwear For Dummies

So how do you become streetwear? Do you constantly follow every hyped blog out there peddling the goods you constantly want to cop? Do you follow the trendiest people on Instagram? Don’t be a dummy… streetwear is doing whatever the fuck you want. Some brands come out with some super creative or limited edition pieces that are worth having in your personal collection but adding your personal style and edge to everything you wear and owning it is what streetwear is all about. Stop doing what everyone else be doing and do you.

By: Kaycee “Vanilla Trilla” Rogers

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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