An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress is The 5th Element’s visual slant on the seasonal offerings of various brands.  Our intention is to give our stylistic interpretation and assessment on styles we feel heads should take notice of.  For this edition, we let Los Angeles stand out, IMPRSSVE, show and prove their expertly crafted athletic wear with a touch of streetwear ingenuity.


For first impressions, the age old adage of making a lasting one has been proven time and time again through the process of basic human interaction just how crucial it can be.  The icebreaker, the make it or break it moment, the first step into the wet cement that is any new relationship – all have verified to be the one pivotal point in whether or not said relationship will be worthwhile or not.  To be impressed as a result of one’s first impression is the sweet spot that not only validates the two words’ synergy, but also affirms a stronger foundation any interaction can be built on.  Los Angeles’ own up and coming streetwear brand, IMPRSSVE, manifests its name by doing just that – impressing us from the get-go with what they have to offer to an industry rife with copycats and cookie cutter agendas.  What makes their first impression with us last are the unique details and quality craftsmanship that go into their pieces.  The results are evident in the way they present the now ubiquitous jogger pants in one of a kind patterns, textures and garments.  Athletic chic is given a new look with drawstrings being incorporated to their tall tees and mesh details either punching up an otherwise indiscernible basic or dominating a whole piece to elevate it into immediate relevance. Owners Dominic and Pedro Anaya are on the right path with their brand, having already impressed plenty at the onset, thus paving the way for IMPRSSVE’s first impression to be indelible.


An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE
Photos by: Karen Capalaran
Modeled by: Devon “Iron Chef” Ward

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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