Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better

Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better
If there’s one thing we’ve learned this whole summer, it’s that the designated area around the Rae Sremmurd is one that allows for not one ounce of flex whatsoever.  And though we should know better about where approved flex zones are indicated, sometimes we all can get caught slippin’.  So for those of y’all that are itching to bicep curl your steez to its maximum, we’ve come up with a number of approved zones to stunt on ’em.  Click through for your official clearance to flex. 


Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better

The First Day of School
This one really is a gimmie, as this tradition of flex has been inculcated in us from the very first time we stepped foot on academic property.  Everyone knew to bring their A-game when it came to the first day of school: the lunchbox was brand spankin’ new with the latest graphic from the most poppin’ cartoon at the time, coordination was key from your Osh Koshes to your Heelys and if your backpack had wheels, you might as well stay home.  As you got older, elevated states of flex manifested in the ultimate swag survivor kit consisting of everything new new.  Being on trend was the motive and you made sure to pass that test with flying, coordinated colors.


Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better

First Dates
As humans, we generally eat with our eyes.  If what’s in front of us does not look appetizing in the least bit, then we aren’t biting.  Same goes for our visual appreciation for an outfit that’s on-point – the better the presentation, the more likely the chance that things will be on and poppington later that evening.  So make sure that your fit is as much stunt appropriate as it is date appropriate.  Sure guys, I’m sure we’re dying to show out and rock our latest streetwear jawns, but let’s level up a bit and lead your lady by the hand into a flex designated zone via a dapper fit that would look more right at home in the latest Polo catalog than say, a Zumiez one.


Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better

Sporting Events
Bruh, if you aren’t flexing at a pro sports event, then you my swagless friend, are missing out on a very underrated space to flex to the utmost.  Just think about it – throw on that rare Champion throwback, slide into some fly quickstrikes or J’s, natch, and go h.a.m. whenever they catch you in all your jawned-out glory on the JumboTron overhead.


Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better

Social Media
This is your pro flex landscape, really.  Your domain of stunt.  Your kingdom of showin’ out.  Whether you’re on top of your #outfitfromabove game or you’re steady posting new profile pics to capture your untouchable OOTD, trust that all forms of flexing are given absolute freedom on all of your social media accounts.  All eyes are on you here, so every precaution has to be taken to ensure that your stunting goes as smoothly as any other post: no blurred pics, no basic outfits, make it look effortless and when in doubt, VSCO the heck outta that piece before you post.


Pro Flex Zones:  So You Know Better
Industry Functions
If there were any spot to flex that made you feel like you were amongst your very kind, look no further than your nearest streetwear or fashion industry event.  This can run you through the course of release parties, trade shows, gallery openings and private musical events.  The caveat here is that if you really want to stand out, your mightiest flex must be saved for such gatherings, because you will be amongst such flex-minded individuals who more than likely have been saving their illest jawns to wear at said events. Bonus points for you if you’ve managed to get photographed by any media outlet on-site  for looking so damn fly.

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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