RECAP: Love Made Me Do It “How to Make Your Mark”


The beautiful women of Love Made and Agenda WMNS continue to hold it down for females once again by successfully hosting their fourth monthly networking event. We arrived a bit early to talk to Linda Nguyen, founder of Love Made, before the rush of heels barged into the doors of Maker City LA. Over two-hundred women attended dressed to kill with business cards in one hand and a complimentary cocktail in the other. For the women and by the women of Los Angeles and Southern California, this all-girls monthly event is a wonderful pillar for the professional- whether you’re an ambitious novice looking to write the first blueprint of your start-up company or if you’re an established individual looking to collaborate and expand to the next chapter of your career. Click through for the rest of the full recap.


This month’s “How to Make Your Mark” panel consisted of three speakers: Samira Far- Founder of Bellacures Nail Salons, Jacyln Johnson- Founder at (NO SUBJECT), and Luz Rivas- Founder of DIY Girls. Love Made and Agenda WMNS successfully filled up the room and provided networking opportunities, support and professional advice for inspired women and entrepreneurs in various industries. Considering the fact that women, to this day, still make 77 cents to every dollar a man earns makes us love the girls at Love Made and Agenda WMNS even more for hosting such an empowering evening for our ladies!






Photos by: Jovi Lopez

jovi lopez

Aspiring wordsmith

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