Saying Adios to Americana!


During these transatlantic times of adopting cultural traditions and tweaking past à la mode hoopla, we’ve overly embraced the Americana trend for too long. In fact, since the last millennium up until recently, I think we’ve done about all we could when it comes to twisting and bending different variations of Americana. But as much as we love to relive our heritage of bigoted times, we’ve got to close the book.



It’s time to take off our newsboy caps and open up our minds to the possibilities of fashion trends that surpass American heritage instead of constantly re-doing them. Here’s an unsolicited list of reasons why.

1. Athletic wear has re-introduced itself in many forms offering a major platform for creativity and design-play.
2. Most of us are working hovered over our computers like the Hunchback of Notre Dame — not spending hours doing intensive labor on oil rigs. (C’mon, guys.)
3. It’s been completely and utterly exhausted and we’re just so tired and sleepy from it.


As a woman who avidly wears menswear and as an innocent bystander that has to witness the opposite sex walk around like cowboys with beards and raw denim, I feel it’s only right to move away from the played-out traditional workwear. But, what should you wear instead, you ask? Surely you can’t run around in public wearing sweats…just kidding — of course you can — this is America, silly! You can literally do anything.


The wide-range of high-end streetwear sweatpants have quadrupled within the past couple years. The options are plentiful! From long tees and dress shirts to revamped classic sneakers and silhouette-focused designs, there’s way too much to play with to just always play it safe by throwing on your chambray shirt and Red Wing boots.


jovi lopez

Aspiring wordsmith

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