Nai Vasha – Wombmen

Meet Nai Vasha. Designer. Illustrator. Strong spirit. Art director. Marathon runner. Truth speaker. Doodler.  A creative space on the 10th floor in the garment district of New York City is where I had the pleasure to pick her brain about her book, WOMBMEN.



In Nai Vasha’s words, “It’s always purpose over position” and “I’m a vessel to help others,” as she continuously finds ways to contribute back into the community and spread good vibes and creative energy.

WOMBMEN pays homage to all the creative females while showcasing the ones she’s personally come to know and appreciate. This is a collection that’s truly an inspirational piece and personally refreshing to me because women empowering other women seems like such a precious rarity nowadays.

The book features artists we love such as musicians, Jack Davey (of J*Davey) and Jasmin Solano, along with designer and illustrator, Sophia Chang, amongst many other creative females of the 21st century. It’s an interactive experience with QR codes linked to videos that welcome us to see all the multidimensional talent of Nai Vasha. Pay attention, listen and watch the video below as she talks about her book, WOMBMEN, shares her doodles on her iPad and reveals her personal tips on how to live a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Special thanks to Nai Vasha and SMG|Books for making this happen!

Photos & video by: Leebox


A visual learner / creator. A creepy cat lady, a book nerd, avocado lover.

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