#WILL: UPXUNDR’s @jonislike


First it was Facebook, then it was Twitter, and where words were the predominant means of communication across said platforms, through Instagram, visuals have slowly but surely taken precedence. Instagram allows for creative expression and storytelling through the most minute everyday lens. Here at The 5th Element Magazine, we want to highlight some the most entertaining, aethestically-appealing, inspirational and overall dopest of profiles that our fingertips have crossed paths with. We introduce our newest feature, #WILL:  What It Look Like, starting with UPXUNDR’s own, @jonislike. 

1. When/How did you start using Instagram?
A little over two years ago when it hit Android, which I had at the time, though I’m currently on iPhone.

2. What apps do you use?
VSCO, Afterlight, Picstitch, Drake Shake.

3. What’s the thought process in shooting/editing/filtering your photos?
To share dope things I see and to give the same feeling it gave me.


4. How has Instagram influenced how you promote UPXUNDR?
IG has been a great marketing tool, especially for a clothing line. We’re able to share our product, its aesthetic and vibe, and we’re also able to show how our garments can be styled. We also can use it to post any promotions, events and projects.

5. What do you think you look for more on your Instagram feed, dope content or dope aesthetics?
I mostly look for booty, jk (not really.) I look for a combination of both. Sometimes the content can speak for itself and sometimes people can make the mundane beautiful. Having both is clutch.



6. How do you think Instagram has influenced streetwear and fashion?
Instagram provides personal exposure but for me it also exposes me to a variety of things. I follow way more people than I have followers but I dont mind. the more I follow the more creative influence and ideas I’m exposed to. I am influenced by most of the people I follow.

jonislike7jonislike1 jonislike8

7. Any IG folks you recommend we follow?

@markpeaced, @_lightworks, @laapavi, @princejova, @bluntassziggy

Want to see more of @jonislike’s photos? Follow him on Instagram and peep a special collabo as Jon takes over The 5th Element’s own Instagram handle, @the5thelmntmag, tomorrow!

Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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