#WILL: Soulection’s @andrepower


First it was Facebook, then it was Twitter, where words were the predominant means of communication across said platforms. Through Instagram, visuals have slowly but surely taken precedence. Instagram allows for creative expression and storytelling through the most minute everyday lens. Here at The 5th Element Magazine, we want to highlight some the most entertaining, aethestically-appealing, inspirational and overall dopest of profiles that our fingertips have crossed paths with. Continuing our feature, #WILL:  What It Look Like, we move on to highlight Soulection’s own, @andrepower.


Enter Andre Power, one half of the founding fathers of Soulection (opposite of Joe Kay.) What Andre can do at a musical level is very much transferred to that of a visual one. Using Instagram as a way to promo the next Soulection event, document his travels (he recently went on tour in Europe,) or using it to display his deep love for his crew, Andre’s photo aesthetic centers around clean landscapes, crisp detail and a sense of appreciation for the world around him. Check out our interview with Andre below about what catches his eye, his creative process and growing up with Instagram (on a Tuesday.)

1. When/how did you start using Instagram?
I started using Instagram almost 4 years ago. I can actually remember some of my first few posts, they were captured back when I was visiting family on the East Coast for the holidays.

2. What apps do you use for editing?
VSCO, Afterlight & SquareReadyVideo for videos.

3. How would you describe your photo aesthetic?
I want people to have a sense of physically being wherever I am. The past few months I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and seeing some of this world’s most amazing sights, so I want all of my followers to enjoy those sights with me. I also want everyone to be a part of my daily life, in the most creative way possible, and with Instagram, I can do this.





4. What usually catches your eye? What’s the thought process in editing your photos?
I’m always on the lookout for the perfect moment to capture, whether it’s capturing a group of friends mid-laughter or the stillness of a chair, in the perfect lighting.

5. Soulection is a music collective, so where do the visual aspects of Instagram have an impact on the musical world?
Soulection’s general visual aspect is a little similar to my personal vision. We want all of our supporters to feel like they are growing with us, so that means always keeping them up-to-date with whats happening via Instagram and other social media outlets. We are transparent, which means we post a lot of behind the scenes images and the daily beauty that we see around us. We want our Instagram images to go hand and hand with our sound and personality.





6. Is it important to have a visual aesthetic to match that of the music (even pre-Instagram; album art, etc.)?
Absolutely! Each time I create album art, I have to listen to the music for at least a day to really get into it. After that, I like to talk to the artist and really hear the story behind the music and why it was created and what inspired it. That usually gives me what I need to make sure the visual matches the music.

7. In your opinion, can Instagram get too personal sometimes?
Sometimes I hear people say, “I need to take a break from Instagram” or they just get too caught up in the wrong things about the app, and that bothers me. Instagram, and all forms of social media are only what you make them. If you need to take a break from Instagram, you aren’t using it for the right reasons, in my personal opinion. If you post personal images, then I can see why it can become “too personal”, but no one should ever think that deep about it.






8. What do you think you look for more on Instagram, dope aesthetics or dope content?
I look for a little bit of both, but I’m more into aesthetics and consistency within a users profile. There could be beauty and art in the most simplest things around us that not everyone may take the time to appreciate and capture, but those with a unique, creative vision for aesthetic will see those things, capture them and share.

9. Any Instagram profiles you recommend we follow?
@soulection, my team – @joekay, @J_minty & @thewhooligan and some of my favs – @eden__hagos @streetetiquette.

Want to see more of @andrepower’s photos? Follow him and us on Instagram and peep a special collabo as Andre takes over The 5th Element’s own Instagram handle, @the5thelmntmag, tomorrow!


Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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