Saxxon Studios Presents: Whitehouse Projects

Whitehouse_CircleAn artist can come in many shapes and forms, and society has found a way to compartmentalize “the artist”. Trying to break free from these categories, whether the street or classically trained artist, putting all artists under one roof can essentially shatter the stigma. Continuing this concept, this Saturday, November 1, 2014, Saxxon Studios presents their first event series, the Whitehouse Projects.

Movement can reference many things; for Whitehouse Projects, it means the arts, creativity, and more importantly awareness. For one night, 10 of the most prestigious and up-and-coming artists will be creating live artwork on canvas at the Palihouse Hotel, Los Angeles.


At the end of the night, each piece will be auctioned and proceeds will benefit a charitable cause – Homeboy Industries. For any piece unsold, they will be painted over with white paint; so don’t let any originals go to waste!

Meant to engage active observation while preserving the concept of original works, the art unfolds from its truest form right before the viewers’ eyes, thus enhancing the whole process of conception to completion. Concurrently, this is an event that recognizes artists both at a local and global scale – which effectively proves to be something you definitely don’t want to miss!


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