10 HalloWINNING Costume Ideas

With Halloweekend right around the corner, we’ve been blessed with a Friday holiday, meaning the parties start Thursday and Halloween ends around Monday/whenever the candy or alcohol runs out (whichever comes first, to be honest).  If you want to put the “hip hop” in “hip hop..loween,” here are a few costume ideas that I’ve seen around the internet, and some I’ve made up that are equally as cool. At least that’s what my mom said.

1. Your Anaconda Might.

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, can’t you see? Sometimes your ass can hypnotize me.

Pros: Recognizable, cheap (you only need a thong and a top), open to all sexes.
Cons: You’ll have to hit that pose every time (though is that really a con?)

2. Riff Raff / Katy Perry.

Yes, I put a slash there because I have realized that they are basically the same people. To be honest, if you want to draw inspiration in dressing like Riff Raff, you can take a look at James Franco in Spring Breakers, and then multiply the intensity by 18.

Pros: All you need are braids, clothes leftover from the late 80s/early 90s, and a sharpie to make this look happen. Also, if you’re a girl and get tired of explaining to people that you’re Riff Raff by the middle of the night, you can switch your identity to Katy Perry because it’s basically the same thing.
Cons: If you’re dedicated to those braids, you’ll have them for a few days – if not weeks – later; they’re a bitch to put in, there’s no way you’re just going to let all that pain go to waste after one night.

3. PharRUN DMC.

Pharrell’s Arby’s hat made a lasting impression this year, so just throw on a track suit and a buffalo hat and you, too, can be The Voice’s newest coach. However, with a drop of a hat (literally), you can become Rev. Run. Guys, I’m not just funny okay? I’m also very versatile.

Pros: Talk about ultimate comfort in an ADIDAS tracksuit, ok? You can also make people serenade you as Pharrell, and turn your chair around for him/her. I’m setting you up for success.
Cons: What will you do with that brown hat for the rest of the year? Let me tell you, there are some things that you can wear throughout the year as a stretch in fashion, but it somehow works. You get excited that it works because you spent money on it and don’t want it to go to waste. Well let me tell you something. The hat. Does not. Don’t do it.

4. The Ivy is So Poisonous… It’s Blue.

If you don’t want to dress up as a baby (though I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be Blue Ivy, she has a great wardrobe), I suggest going the punny route and perhaps wrapping yourself in some leaves that you painted blue. Instant DIY outfit. I should be on Pinterest for sure.

Pros: Every time someone figures out who you are, you have that rewarding feeling that teachers probably feel when their students get a math problem right. It’ll be great.
Cons: The blue paint might get messy. But then you can be a Smurf so I guess it’s ok. Always turn a con into a pro!

5. Ariana Lopez / Jennifer Grande

We all thought Ariana aspired to be Mariah, but little Miss Lopez has been flying under the radar, until her similarities in style and outfits have become semi-uncanny to Ariana Grande’s. But it’s cool, because she looks hotter at 45 than I have ever looked in my 22 years of living. Let’s tie our hair up, contour all those angles on our faces, and wear cute little matching sets of cropped tanks and skirts to complete the look. Ariana’s been sporting around the cat ears as well, so if you’re not getting the responses you are looking for, you can become a kitty by the end of the night.

Pros: The costume in itself is pretty cheap, just get a flashy/cute/tight dress or crop top and skirt and throw on that high ponytail. Your costume. Won’t. Cost. A. Thang.
Cons: If you don’t pull it off just right, you’re just going to look like an ambiguous dancer in the 70s. If people ask you what you are, don’t be afraid to belt out a complicated run or sing a verse in a song that you can’t understand. Yes, I said it, I can’t understand Ariana Grande half of the time and I’m sorry girl but enunciate.

6. “Are You That… Somebody?”

A few brands such as UNIF and Calvin Klein have been (re)implementing the boxer brief/cropped sports bra types, and we all know that fashion repeats itself. With these lady briefs out, copping Aaliyah’s signature look has never been so easy. And if you want to be authentic, I think you can find Tommy Hilfiger anything…somewhere.

Pros: When someone compliments your Aaliyah outfit, you can assume that he/she knows what’s up. Also, you can probably wear most of these items this season.
Cons: There’s no con in being Aaliyah. If anything, you may rock people’s boats, and if they say you need to dust yourself off and try again, say, “I Don’t Wanna.”

7. My Body Could Perhaps be Your Party, If You RSVP.

How can you be Ciara? Well you won’t have to be. All you’ll need are a few red cups, ping pong balls, bags of chips, beer cans, a lost and found sign with “dignity” written on it, a hot glue gun and your fabulous self. It’s all the perks of a party…all up on your body. Again, I’m pretty sure I need to be on Pinterest.

Pros: This could cost like nothing. You could actually make this costume WHILE at a party.
Cons: This might take a little explaining, but if they understand the “party” part, all you need to do is work on a sexy body roll while you say “Mah BodY, iS Yo PahTy” and I’m pretty sure you won’t be going home alone. You’re welcome.

8. ScHoolBoy Who?

So ScHoolBoy Q is apparently a costume trend this year. When I looked it up, the explanation was:

Bucket hat, cool sunglasses, and a tie-dye t-shirt.

Ok like seriously that could be anyone like what I’m so confused. You might as well just say you’re a hypebeast, or a model on KarmaLoop. So instead, my DIY version of ScHoolBoy Q might be more of a crowd pleaser. Go and steal your little brother or sister’s private school uniform, or your own from back in the day, or just wear a school kid outfit. And then slap on a Q wherever you’d like. Boom. Brb, signing up for a Pinterest account.

Pros: You can throw in a little ‘sexy school (insert gender here) into your outfit, and if someone says you’re slutty, you just tell them that you’re creative AND know what’s up in music. Take that you uncultured swine!
Cons: If done incorrectly, you may look like Quailman. Although I don’t know how you would accidentally wear a cape, underwear outside your shorts, and a belt on your head, but to each his own. And even still, is being Quailman a con? Doubtful.

9. You Are Just So Fancy.

Bringing back the 90s, we can dress up in plaid monochrome and be Iggy in her “Fancy” video. Although really, she’s being Cher from Clueless. Make sure you know the difference, and know which one you’re playing. Iggy would most likely not be walking around all night saying, “As if!”

Pros: Monochrome is in, so you can actually wear the outfit together or in separate pieces. You’ll look very vintage chic.
Cons: If you’re trying to be Iggy, you’ll be called Cher. If you’re trying to be Cher, you’ll be called Iggy. You’ll need to mentally prepare yourself for that. I know it’ll be hard but I have faith in you.

10. When in Doubt, Be Yonce.

Like Britney Spears, Yonce has so many memorable looks that you can copy. You can be in a group of three and be Destiny’s Child. You can roll with your boyfriend and be Bey and Jay. You can find a girl friend and be Gaga and Yonce. You can go solo and be a single lady. Like there’s no end to this. And 112% of the time, these looks are fierce.

LOL, here’s a picture of her in a bee outfit. Bey. Bee. See she gets the punny thing.

Pros: You are Beyonce.
Cons: ….You are Beyonce.

To me, Halloween is like Valentine’s Day. Skeptics are always calling Valentine’s Day the holiday made by businesses to sell candy and chocolates, and Halloween is the same except take out the candy and chocolates and put in alcohol and more alcohol. I don’t know why Halloween is an excuse to dress scantily and drink excessively, but I am not complaining one bit. Also, please remember that BLACK FACE IS NOT A GOOD IDEA EVER. Have fun, be safe, and follow me on Pinterest!

Just kidding, I don’t know how to use that shit.


Christina is a writer based in Palm Springs, LA, and any place with WiFi. She graduated from UCLA and currently attends USC because she's a traitor and loves being in student debt. She hopes to be the next Carrie Bradshaw with better hair (sorry SJP), and when asked to describe herself in one word, she chooses the word, "indescribable." Don't follow her on Instagram because you'll hate how extra she is and you won't want to be her friend in real life.

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