Style Profile: Goob Jonze

Style Profile:  Goob Jonze

Being a man of tremendous style is what immediately strikes you upon meeting Goob Jonze.  After photographing him several times at industry trade shows, I finally got a chance to personally link up with Goob to get more insights into who he was beyond the fresh fits and laid back demeanor.  Delving into more of the philosophy behind his style and methods with which he chooses to show out, I found a great deal of character that reflects through not only his means of dress, but also in how he handles himself.  Call him a full-time hustler uniformed in whatever fly representation of his grind is at the given moment.  Choppin’ it up with Goob was about as much fun as it was to shoot him on the rooftops of Downtown Los Angeles’ bustling Fashion District.  Hit the jump for the full feature.


Style Profile:  Goob Jonze

For the readers out there who aren’t familiar with the particulars yet, please tell us about yourself.
My name is Ryan (my friend’s call me Goob) and I’m creative. I hail from New Orleans, Louisian, however I’ve lived on all coasts now — New Orleans, DC, Chicago and now LA. I’m a designer and act as a Creative Director on projects that I work on with likeminded creatives. I’ve also been doing footwear product testing for Nike and New Balance for almost two years now. I can be reached on email


How did you get into what you’re doing now?
Two words: Jeff Staple. I enrolled in an online course taught by the living legend himself entitled “How to Start A Clothing Brand.” The course drew in thousands of designers/creatives from all corners of the globe. We were to follow the syllabus and lectures all while submitting our work to our individual profiles where everyone could see. At the end of the course Jeff and his team would sit down and choose the Top 50 emerging brands to be on the lookout for.

My profile in the class was setup in documentary/blog format where I documented my journey starting a brand from scratch. The response was overwhelming as everyone enjoyed what I was doing and said that I was a big motivation for them. Jeff even shouted me out to the class for my hard work! Hundreds of hours and countless designs later the course ended and now was the time for Jeff to tell us which brands he chose as the Top 50. My nerves were shot as Jeff is a master of causing hype behind something as he made us wait a little longer than expected.The Top 50 list was sent to us and as I’m scrolling down the list of brands I see my brand “Poursuite” amongst other brands…now colleagues of mine! I was elated with excitement and more than anything grateful and blessed. As part of being chosen as the Top 50 brands we got FREE access to the winter Agenda shows at the beginning of 2014. All of the Top 50 chosen didn’t make it out to the shows as everyone was from all across the globe. Not me though…I made it to ALL 3 of the shows. Cancelled flights and a snowstorm in New York and everything. Nothing was stopping me from being where I deserved to be.I met a guy from the south of France, now a good homie of mine, named Alexander at Agenda Long Beach. We were walking the trade show floor in NYC as a guy yelled out “That’s a dope ass hat!” It was one of the hats that I designed and had made as part of the course with Jeff. We began to chat and he asked what I do and where I’m located. My reply was “I’m a designer and I just moved to SoCal.” He replied “Nice, we just opened up a showroom in DTLA. You should stop by when back in town.” After the show was over and I was back in town I did just that. After having an interview for the position of store manager for the brand Popular Demand’s flagship store I met up with him at their showroom.

He asked “Now that the show is over what’s next for you? What are you trying to get into?” My reply “THIS is what I’m trying to get into. How can I get down with the team?” He then said that “I can tell that you’re passionate about this industry as you have the experience and know-how for it. The showroom owner is out of the country right now but I’ll put in a good word for you. After that he’ll have to talk it over with his partner Lucas who runs the NYC showroom.””Lucas Pierce?” I asked him. “Yes, you know him?” he replied. “Hell yeah, I know Lucas!” We worked together on some things when I was living in DC and he was handling sales for Durkl, a local DC brand. Fast forward – we were all at the last Agenda show in Vegas and everyone was there whom I needed to talk to. “Put Goob down on the team,” is what Lucas said as we all got a chance to chat.Now – I’ve been here at the Volume Distro showroom as a sales rep since right after that particular trade show in Vegas. Small world story right? I’m blessed to say the least. If you want to checkout my blogs for Jeff’s class check here and here.

After meeting Jeff for the first time he now remembers me and mentioned that I was a huge role in the success of his class. I consider him a mentor now and it’s somewhat surreal. He’s a super cool and humble guy who just likes to make dope product in a pigeon coop. I guess it’s safe to say that in some fashion I am now a part of that pigeon coop.

My homie Alexander mentioned above shoots/edits dope videos and did a feature on me and my brand while in Long Beach and NYC. View here and here. His work has also been featured on Staple Design’s website. View it here.

Style Profile:  Goob Jonze
Style Profile:  Goob Jonze
When representing brands, what are a few things that you look for aesthetically?
Well, that part isn’t really up to me as the showroom managers decide on that. Aesthetically, I’m sure that they are looking for something that’s on trend or trend-setting that fits our targeted clientele of existing accounts worldwide. Their level of production is a major part as well. If we get a brand over a $500,000 worth of orders for a certain collection then their production volume should be able to match those numbers. If not, then it won’t work out on both ends.

What is your style philosophy?
My style philosophy is “Do You.” People that I know and a lot of random individuals that I meet on a day to day basis always compliment me on my style. They are sometimes surprised when I say “I just throw on clothes according to my mood when I wake up.” Matching and mixing patterns isn’t something that really bothers me. If it looks good and you feel good in it then by all means rock that joint. Traveling a lot also helps me when it comes to fashion and my style aesthetic.
Name some of your fashion essentials.
A clean, minimalist timepiece. A dope hat (Fedora, Snapback, 5 Panel). A clean button-up shirt. Straight leg denim. Dope footwear of course…but that’s something that comes to me easy as I’m an OG when it comes to sneakers and all things footwear related.
Style Profile:  Goob Jonze
Style Profile:  Goob Jonze
Style Profile:  Goob Jonze
What are some of the best and worst trends out right now?
I don’t know about the best as trends are cyclical and tend to come at ten year intervals. I can most definitely tell you that the worst trend right now is following what other people are doing and buying things because other people have them. That’s the absolute worst! I guess I’m old school because I could care less about someone else and what they are wearing. When I was younger everyone still had opinions about everything and not buying things because its supposedly the hot item to buy. Back then every Jordan released wasn’t a sell out and you could most definitely find them on the sale rack. Things are much different now.

Who are some of your style inspirations or icons?
Stan Getz, Duke Ellington, Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), Dao Yi Chow, MF DOOM, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and the random dude in the hood who’s always subtly fresh. My favorite eras of fashion are the 1920s and the 1980s as they are a big part of how I view fashion and life.

What’s about to be poppin’ in streetwear/men’s fashion soon?
Honestly, there’s no telling, but remember what I said about fashion being on ten year intervals. Think about what was poppin’ ten years ago and modernize it and that’s what will be on the forefront in fashion.
Big shoutout to Jeff Staple and his team, for if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Big ups to Reach and The 5th Element Magazine for this feature. Shoutout to all of my classmates who are still doing their thing out there. I gotta give a big shoutout to my homie Alexander (@kidfrench) for being dope and tagging along with me while documenting everything. Lastly, I gotta shoutout Moms, for if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the hustler/go-getter mentality that I have now.
Style Profile: Goob Jonze
Style Profile: Goob Jonze
Photos by:  Robert Macaisa
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