Rastaclat’s “Of Myth” Capsule

This holiday season, Rastaclat’s newest capsule, “Of Myth,” will hit stores across the world. The inspiration comes half from the heroes and heroines of mythology, and the other half from the villains and the underworld and the dark forces founded within.

“Heaven and earth. Gods and men. Good and evil. Our legends seek to explain the polarities that have existed since the time before man.”

Limited to 300 pieces per style, each piece holds the timelessness and the luxury appropriate for the season. Joining their line up of premium accessories, Rastaclat presents their classic lion head logo on two new silhouettes: a stainless steel keychain and an all-leather rope bracelet.

The snapback hats and classic shoelace bracelets resonate the sculptural influence in a marble print. The face of the lion is like a statue, chiseled to perfection. To finish the capsule, there are all leather keychains and a leather braided shoelace bracelet with gold electroplated accents.

Rastaclat’s “Of Myth” capsule embodies the conflict which lies within each and every one of us.


Christina is a writer based in Palm Springs, LA, and any place with WiFi. She graduated from UCLA and currently attends USC because she's a traitor and loves being in student debt. She hopes to be the next Carrie Bradshaw with better hair (sorry SJP), and when asked to describe herself in one word, she chooses the word, "indescribable." Don't follow her on Instagram because you'll hate how extra she is and you won't want to be her friend in real life.

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