Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Style Profile:  Jedd Marte

When it comes to being young and embodying the definition of a go-getter, stylist Jedd Marte fits such to a T.  What’s even better, he’s a man who goes out and does it in a style that’s as on-trend as it is unique.  Offering a sense of style that fits right in with the current wave, yet also possesses a distinct and one-of-a-kind vibrance to it, Jedd was high on our list of who to feature in a Style Profile for quite some time now.  We finally got to link with the master networker of the network to talk about his definition of style and also what moves brought him to where he’s at today.  Click through for the full feature.

Style Profile: Jedd Marte

For the readers out there who aren’t familiar with the particulars yet, please tell us about yourself.
My name is Jedd, I am 22, born and raised in the City of Angels. I am very passionate and definitely a people person. I was originally in the pursuit of a degree in physical therapy, but now debating either to be diverse and also have a degree in business and communication. I also consider myself as a student to everything life and society offers.

How did you get into styling?
I’ve always had a passion for fashion, and styling was my way of channeling that. I always would get compliments on my sense of fashion and definitely stood on top of the hottest sneakers coming out. So people recommended that I get into styling. I started off styling for a few of the homies’ clothing brands or musicians for their events and from there I started building clientele and my name, which all came from networking the network.

Style Profile: Jedd Marte


What’s a personal touch that you like to add to outfits whenever you’re styling someone?
I always just try to add something different. Whatever it may be, I go off of peoples’ personalities, and from there I try to either find a statement piece or something that really just defines them. Sometimes I have them do their homework and find something or someone they can relate their lifestyle to in how they dress. But mostly I love the fact of being able to layer and display them in a stylish way.

What is your style philosophy?
Dare to be different. Be you. Try new trends. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, oh well. Also, always be ahead of the culture.

Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Style Profile: Jedd Marte
Name some of your fashion essentials.
I know it’s kind of a late trend, but I still would love to tie something around my waist. It’s pretty swag and convenient if I ever get cold or need to cover up – or just have it sit as a fashion statement. Also, some light jewelry like a bracelet or few micro necklace pieces. But if I had to say it would be one piece standing out, it would be some fly ass footwear.

What are some of the best and worst trends out right now?
Ehhhh, I would have to say worst trends right now – I’m over jogger bottoms. Don’t get me wrong, I have them, But I feel like they’re getting played out. My favorite trend right now for men is definitely the high end/contemporary streetwear look.  You know, that casual yet dressy take up. I love how the different cultures and areas of the world give off their different, dope ass styles.

Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Style Profile: Jedd Marte
Any fashion regrets that you have?
Umm…I would probably have to say…when I was in my baggy stage, but I bet it will be back in style. SMH.

If you had to wear only one outfit from now on, what would it consist of?
Black pants – either Japanese raw denim or wax coated – sneakers, and a comfy elongated tee. I prefer chill, simple, stylish clothes on the regular. I would be pretty happy with that. But if I had another option then it would be whatever would be the most freshest, laziest outfit.

Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Photos by: Nina Tabios

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