2014’s Best: The Top Moments in Hip-Hop You Loved

2014's Best: The Top Moments in Hip-Hop You Loved
In case you forgot what delightfully odd and amazing events took place this year because you’re too busy stressing about getting health insurance or watching videos of cute animals, don’t sweat it — we have your back and some pizza to ugly-cry-eat when you’re blue. We even took it upon ourselves to create a list of the best moments in hip-hop this year to take you back to your happy place, also known as: The Year of the Booty.

Here are the top moments in hip-hop for 2014.


Jay and B and Mona Lisa
10. Bey and  Jay’s France Vacay

In October, Beyonce and Jay-Z reserved the Louvre in Paris for a private tour along with Blue Ivy. It has been said famous contemporary artist, North West, not invited. Photos were posted on Beyonce’s Instagram of her and Jay re-creating poses of statues, taking selfies, and standing closer than anyone is (legally) allowed to stand next to the museum’s paintings.

Rihanna CD Puma
9. Rihanna becomes the new Creative Director of PUMA in December, making her the official face of Puma’s Women’s Training.

Puma’s CEO, Bjorn Gulden, said he asked Rihanna to be the ambassador for the brand due to her “global profile, her charisma and individuality, [and] her ambition”. The pop star agreed to the multi-year partnership where she will be overseeing a women’s line of clothing, focusing on fitness and training apparel.


Dr Dre Beats by Dre

8. Dr. Dre Cakes Out

In May, Dr. Dre sold Beats by Dre to Apple for $3 Billion making him the highest-earning musician of 2014. The net worth of the super-producer/rapper is roughly $750 million. That’s easily enough dough to blow on all the protein shakes and form fitting shirts he’d indulge in for the rest of his life.

Bobby Shmurda Shmoney Dance
7. Everybody Was Shmoney Dancin’

The debut of Bobby Shmurda’s single “Hot N*gga” in July had everyone doing the “Shmoney dance”, including Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce, and the Biebs. But with Bobby recently catching a serious case of criminal charges, his surging success in 2014 only seemed like it was…ABOUT A WEEK AGO.

D'Angelo Black Messiah
6. D’angelo, The Black Messiah 

The comeback of D’angelo after 14 years was about as hip-hop as his soul music could get.  The album was released unexpectedly in December and people embraced it like a cherished wave of nostalgia. What’s more, the timing of this release, amidst the fervor of discord and racial tension this year, addressed such matters with soul-stirring music that was an aural antidote to these social ills.

Snoop vs Iggy
5. Iggy and Snoop Beefin’

The beef between Snoop and Iggy Azalea in October can be summed up by the image of two kids fighting on a junior high playground. It was the kind of social media feud that, if literally heard, would make your ears bleed. What went down: Snoop posted a mean (but funny) meme making fun of Iggy Azalea. She played the “bigger man”, but said she was playing the bigger man, so technically they cancel each other out and she’s still basic. He apologized. Both came out alive. And science confirms Earth still orbiting around the Sun.

OutKast Reunion Tour
4. OutKast Reunites!

OutKast went on a reunion tour celebrating their 20th anniversary after nearly a decade hiatus. During their 40-stop tour, they had a particularly weird showing at Coachella when they were cut short of time (the internet was not too enthusiastic about this). A little bit of stage rust perhaps? Nevertheless, the Grammy-award-winning duo still proves to stand the test of time. Long live the kings.

Kendrick Lamar on Colbert Report
3. King Kendrick Continues to Push Boundaries on The Colbert Report Finale

“What the black man say?” Kendrick Lamar was the last musical guest on The Colbert Report. As “the leader of west coast rap”, he delivered a powerful performance debuting a new song with lyrics only appropriate for a world whose heart is breaking. He gave a short interview restating the importance of staying true to himself and not focusing on fame. (ily)


Beyonce Feminist VMAs 2014
2. The Rise of the Feminist

“Feminist” defined: Nicki, Beyonce, Pharrell, et al. The “F” word is definitely up for discussion! Although some celebrities still cautiously tip-toed around the word not knowing what it entails (Pharrell), others know the significance of embracing it during this time when social and political inequalities/imbalances are truly coming to light.

1. Hip-hop Rallies For Ferguson

In August, rappers took a stand on the Ferguson case in which later a grand jury declares not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown. The Game recruited a group of ten rappers and four R&B artists in creating a musical protest through a track titled “Don’t Shoot”. Rappers Killer Mike, Common, and Macklemore also took the liberty to speak out and protest.

“Hip hop has always been about truth, and has been a social instrument about social change…

Hip hop has always presented a voice for the revolution.” – Common (via 2014 VMAs)


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