All Due Respect: Marvel Comics x Run the Jewels


Rap’s hard-nosed duo, Run the Jewels, teams up with Marvel to inspire two new issue covers for “Deadpool” and “Howard the Duck,” respectively. Longtime comic book fans themselves, Killer Mike and El-P claim that while the covers are certainly an honor, it doesn’t mean they didn’t geek out once the news became official. A collaboration fit for Bart Simpson, Marvel editor-in-chief and long time hip-hop fan Axel Alonso states that while he was aware of the “tag the jewels” movement among graffiti and street artists, the real inspiration to incorporate the fist-and-gun logo was due to his 11-year-old son throwing up the sign after he scored a touchdown. Alonso came to the mindset that if a logo — one that represents an album that is particularly significant at this point in history — can have such a large widespread impact, maybe Marvel could throw their hand into the mix. And voila, Issue 45 of “Deadpool” and Issue 2 of “Howard the Duck” bear the Run the Jewels emblem, drawn by comic artists Mahmud Asrar (for “Howard the Duck”) and Skottie Young (for “Deadpool.”) Hit the jump to see the full blown covers.




Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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