Rice and Shine: Filipino Brunch & Beats


When the rain starts to drizzle on a Saturday in LA, we don’t just brunch, we Rice and Shine. Last weekend, some of the 5th Element crew headed to EsCaLa in K-Town for a hip-hop infused pop-up food shop hosted by So Good & Delicious.


Welcomed by the sounds of DJ Erok, we sat down and excitingly looked over the menu. With Chef AC’s rendition of Filipino cuisine morphed into an American brunch, there was no way we could pick just one dish, ordering almost everything for the table. As each dish came out, our stomachs leaped with excitement while our eyes marveled at the savory beauty.

Maja Blanca Pancakes

Adobo Fried Chicken & Waffle

Catering to our different taste buds, we each had our own selection of favorites – I personally enjoyed the Adobo Fried Chicken & Waffle. Two words: on fleek. Unanimously, however, we agreed that the Longanisa Scotch Egg was basically watching egg porn, as the yolk slowly spilled out of the breaded longanisa. Actually eating it was more than what our taste buds expected – imagine a crunchy melted goodness with every bite.


Some may think, food, fashion and hip-hop is a bit of a stretch; but in actuality, they all complement each other. Hip-hop is embracing all walks of life and cultures; it’s the ability to gather a collective group of people to laugh, talk, share and make memories. The fact that the event was held in a Pan-Latin restaurant in the heart of Koreatown serving a Filipino-infused American brunch already speaks volumes. All in all, with great food and great music, and even better company, these are the moments that allow us to enjoy hip-hop’s ability to gather individuals of all scope and sense.



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