Gear Up: LSTN Headphones Zebrawood ‘Bowery’ Earbuds

Gear Up: LSTN Headphones Zebrawood 'Bowery' Earbuds

If you’re on-the-go as much as I am, one of the daily essentials that help you through such dynamic days would be a reliable pair of headphones or earbuds. Creating a particular soundtrack to the next 24 hours that you’re about to lay into is crucial and dictates the important moods you need to be in to deal with whatever. So when I got my hands on a pair of LSTN’s zebrawood ‘Bowery’ earbuds, the excitement was met with satisfaction as I tested the pair out and let them prove how worthy they are of being a vessel of perfect audible sensations. Read more to check out the full review.

Gear Up: LSTN Headphones Zebrawood 'Bowery' Earbuds

What makes LSTN headphones such an appealing choice from the outset is their noble business model of imparting the gift of hearing to those that need it. Partnering with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, LSTN has raised awareness to a necessary responsibility of sharing the power of music with the hearing impaired. Through a portion of their profits, they are able to donate hearing aids to those in need, proving to be a cause that everyone can get behind. Besides the remarkable dedication to social and ecological importance that their company lays its foundation on, the same can be said of their equal dedication to offering a premium product to consumers.

The ‘Bowery’ earbuds are a perfect testament to LSTN’s efforts, culminating in a pair that boasts eye-catching aesthetics with genuine zebrawood encasing along with high-performance audio quality that satisfies the most discerning audiophiles’ judicious ears.  I was definitely impressed with the ease the ‘Bowery’ displayed in following the audio journey I lead it on – Migos’ low bassline thumps were distinctly present in all their turn up friendly glory, D’angelo’s mid-level crooning lead to an all out vibe fest and the brass horns of Duke Ellington’s liveliest jazz ensembles were captured effortlessly in such vivid clarity.  Their ability to seamlessly stream and present sounds of all varieties can rival the likes of tech outfits and audio companies that have been in their respective lanes for years. What’s more, extras such as a variety of earbud sizes (small, medium and large) and a unique and useful carrying pouch prove that LSTN’s products are produced with the utmost excellence in mind.

Gear Up: LSTN Headphones Zebrawood 'Bowery' Earbuds

Grab a pair of LSTN Headphones HERE and experience such premium audio products for yourself.

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