Peep This: Alyson Stoner presents – A Missy Elliot Tribute

Oh the nostalgia at Superbowl XLIX, when the seemingly ageless Missy Elliot graced the stage at the halftime show. The whole spectacle definitely brought me back to the days I use to be obsessed with MTV’s “Making The Video”; especially the ones that featured Missy. The creativity and overwhelmingly pleasing visuals with the right use of a green screen and CGI graphics always gave Missy the top spots in the countdowns. Every time I correlate her music with videos two things come to mind, 1. an awesome way to wear a trash bag and 2. the fly kids working it out in her videos. Which brings us to Alyson Stoner, the cute little girl with the pigtails from “Work It” and “Gossip Folks” who is now paving the way for her own success with multiple acting appearances and an even more successful voice over career under her belt. She decided to pay homage to Missy with the help of some amazing choreographers, dancers and director Tim Milgram – who is notable for his slew of viral dance concept videos. Peep the video above and see if you can spot another former tiny tot Missy dancer, Monica Parales.

Nino Llanera

Co-Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Entertainment Host, and Creative. I am a fashion and entertainment junkie with a mild obsession with the Internet. You can catch me talking about the latest news from Filipinos across North America on Myx News and Myx Global, or trying to figure out and explain the ratchetness that is reality tv on Afterbuzz TV.

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