The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

With a tried and tested formula that is 30 years in the making, Golden Denim was what came to fruition when Abraham Ruiz decided to carry on the old family business. The result from such a lengthy tenure in the denim industry was a brand that took advantage of the experience and wisdom learned by Abraham’s forebearers and custom tailored them to become a perfect example of clothing that embodies the California lifestyle. With truly unique details and quality craftsmanship being one of their hallmarks, Golden Denim has become a brand that can easily be your new go-to when it comes to pants that check off all of the above in your wants for the perfect pair. Hit the jump to check out our in-depth interview with Golden Denim.

The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

Who makes up Golden Denim:

Abe – Founder and Creative Director, but doesn’t like labels.
Meg – Executive Assistant
Chris – Inbound/Outbound Director/Production Assistant
John – Imagery and Marketing Assistant

The Good Group (representation)
Kevin – Sales Manager
David – Sales/Marketing and Consulting/Tha Dood

Hailing from: Los Angeles, CA

The brand’s message: A message that we would love to get across is that America still has great manufacturers and the potential to make quality goods. American-made goods can also be more superior than most imported items. The proof is in the repeat customers we have coming back for every Golden Denim release. Producing goods here in The States isn’t the easiest task, but it sure is one of the best if you’re trying to offer a quality product. A goal that we equally share within the company is that we wish to create as many jobs as possible here in The United States and help as many people as we can.

The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

The style of product that Golden Denim offers:  Golden has a wide variety of items to offer. We offer joggers, to biker/moto-inspired jeans and everything in between. One of the items that we’re really excited to introduce is selvedge denim, so be on the lookout for that.

The challenges of coming up:  Some of the challenges we came across while starting up was standing out from the crowd. Our industry is saturated with cookie cutter brands that are all doing the same thing and also look the same. We made it a goal of ours to not do just that. We want to create our own image and identity.

What are some accomplishments that Golden Denim has done so far early on to generate buzz around the brand:  We wouldn’t say it’s an accomplishment, but something that we know how to do is take constructive criticism. We’re always listening to our customers and sales team on what we can improve on and make better. We try our very best to be consistent, reliable and offer a great, quality American product. We are also sold in 120+ boutique retailers domestically and distributed in over 20 countries worldwide, from Japan to Germany. We offer premium quality without the cost. We’d rather take a smaller margin to give access to a larger customer base than to deny those who wish to purchase our product.

The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about it:  What we’d like people to know about Golden is that we’re not here to get rich. We’re actually passionate in what we do. We come in everyday excited and ready to build an addictive product that people want to live in. We really hope you love wearing it as much as we loved making it from scratch to finish.

How Golden Denim plans on keeping their momentum up:  How we plan on keeping our momentum up is by keeping our supporters and believers content with the quality and products we produce. We will continue to produce the best quality jeans that we can and offer the best products at our disposal. We’ll still care about the details, the little things that people won’t see, but they’re the things that make a great product.

What’s in store for the future:  We’re reaching beyond the stars. There are so many goals and ambitions that we plan to accomplish but can’t fully disclose just yet. Just know that behind the scenes we’re making the necessary moves and connections in order to build and ensure a brighter future.


Photos by
:  Ken Soleta

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