The Freshest Class 2015: EPTM.

The Freshest Class 2015: EPTM.

When it comes to re-thinking the hybrid of streetwear sensibilities and high fashion aesthetics, Los Angeles-based newcomer, EPTM. (pronounced epitome), is setting its own standard. By raising the bar of what’s come to be expected of this recent trend, they’ve managed quickly gain a following that appreciates the fine details and nuanced refinement that goes into EPTM.’s clothing. Such a strong collection of offerings this past year really put EPTM. in the conversation for best up-and-comers on the scene, a distinction we were hardly surprised with given the promise they’ve already shown. Thus the no-brainer that was including them in this year’s Freshest Class presented itself. Hit the jump to catch our full feature on them.

The Freshest Class 2015: EPTM.

Who makes up EPTM.:  There are five of us that make up EPTM.:  Sang – Product Director, Mr. Choi – Owner, Tist – Head Designer, Daniel – Designer and Robert – Assistant Designer.

Hailing from:  Los Angeles, CA

The brand’s message:  We want the clothing industry to know we are here to be the perfect example. We’re here to be the trendsetters based on our designs and styles, to our sample making and even our production. We want to be an example other clothing brands new and old can look up to – now and in the future.

The Freshest Class 2015: EPTM.

The style of product EPTM. offers:  We offer a very simple, yet complex style. We put a lot of thought into every stitching. It may look simple from afar, but we put a lot of thought and add a lot of detail into each and every piece we do. We are not your typical graphic tee brand, we’re the new cut and sew brand. But we treat it as if it’s as easy as making a graphic tee.

The challenges of coming up:  I’d say one of the biggest challenges coming up right now in our team is switching from a seasonal drop to a monthly drop. I know it sounds crazy, but we have an in-house sample maker that constantly drops samples every day.

What are some accomplishments that EPTM. has done so far early on to generate buzz around the brand:  Some accomplishments we achieved are having Forever21 sell our clothes as our brand. That is unheard of! I know a lot of people may think it’s a terrible route or its gonna kill the brand image or what not, but if they care enough to think that much about our brand, then our job’s done. We’re not trying to go a Pink Dolphin route but we’re here to set our own. We recently just got into Foot Locker this year and we are continuing to get retail placement in more and more stores.

The Freshest Class 2015: EPTM.

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about it:  I want people to know that every piece or EPTM. clothing you wear is a unique style specifically designed and cut by us. We want everyone to look high end with affordable prices. If people think it’s cheap cause its made in China, then they are wrong. We make everything domestic from our fabrics, to cutting, to sewing, to packaging. We’re here for the people and we want everyone to be able to wear EPTM.

How EPTM. plans on keeping their momentum up:  We gotta just keep popping samples out, and hope they are hits. I think what keeps our momentum up though is our price point.

What’s in store for the future: We hope to be worldwide, but as the product director for the company, Sang wants to make sure EPTM. has a firm, solid foundation here in The States. Not everyone knows us yet here in the US, so we hope we get that done this year and slowly start getting worldwide.


Photos by: Ken Soleta

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