The Freshest Class 2015: Thing Thing

The Freshest Class 2015: Thing Thing

Coming straight out of New Zealand, Thing Thing is a brand that has been flipping and re-working traditional silhouettes into eye-catching and innovative pieces. What’s more, they’re doing it on two fronts – offering fire outfits for both the ladies and gents – thus ensuring that the dream of worldwide steez is spread effectively. When you’re as potent as Thing Thing is at producing one of a kind pieces that are sure to become the new classics, then inclusion in The Freshest Class makes all the sense in the world. Read on to peep the full feature on Thing Thing.

The Freshest Class 2015: Thing Thing

Who makes up Thing Thing:  A New Zealand squad of skateboard kids who don’t mind a little ice hockey and prefer Tumblr to a game of chess.

Hailing from:  Grown up in New Zealand with a little Canadian influence, eh.

The brand’s message:  Keep it real in the mean streets / make sure it’s quality / dig deep / people first.

The Freshest Class 2015: Thing Thing

The style of product Thing Thing offers:  We offer men’s and women’s freshed up street-style pieces

The challenges of coming up:  Finding new places to spend all the money.

What are some accomplishments that Thing Thing has done so far early on to generate buzz around their brand:  Constantly re-working / re-engineering and getting on the stitch machine with our own hands to create some freshness. We have much pride in keeping our game as original as possible. HANDMADE INSPIRATION is where we are coming from.

The Freshest Class 2015: Thing Thing

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about you:  We are handmade and built from raw ideas and hands-on inspiration. Check the details, get up close to our product and get a handful.

How Thing Thing plans on keeping their momentum up:  Monthly drops. Constant reinvention. Loving what we do.

What’s in store for the future: So many killer THING / THING things. Just building new things to wear, building our women’s zone, coming up with next level cuts in our men’s department and getting all this out to the wide world.

Photos by: Ken Soleta

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