Walls on the Street: Fin DAC


On Wednesdays, everyone celebrates a woman crush. Here at The 5th, on Wednesdays we pay homage to our graffiti arts section and share our favorite wall of the week. In our series called “Walls on the Street”, we showcase murals and paintings that deserve to be in the spotlight. Hailing from Cork and by way of London, urban aesthetic artist Fin DAC is this week’s feature. Adopting the ethos of beauty, Fin DAC takes street art to a different level. Without any hidden agendas or channeling his own opinions, each art piece is meant to be visually enjoyed. Hit the jump to see more of his work and let the beauty of the art do the talking!


tumblr_ngec0jBPo91qlt6ujo1_1280 tumblr_nhlwshx4GJ1qlt6ujo2_1280 tumblr_ngfm2y1F9d1qlt6ujo1_1280


And as always, keep coming back every week to see our latest picks. If you want to share a mural you’ve seen, use #wallsonthestreet and your pics could be featured in our next post!

Source: http://findac.tumblr.com


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