Pow! Wow! Long Beach 2015


Continuing this constant Cali weather change, the heatwaves are at an all-time high and summertime in the LBC just got better. Previously exclusive to the islands of Hawai’i, Pow! Wow! has made its way to the mainland, and Sunday marked the first day of Pow! Wow! Long Beach. What’s in store is a weeklong celebration of the street arts, starting June 21st until the 28th, where artists from many walks gather together and give life to the bare walls of the community.  On top of all these new murals  emerging from their concrete canvases, Pow! Wow! Long Beach has numerous exhibitions and film screenings to follow. Click the jump for more event details regarding this week’s festivities.

With “Painting the Walls of Long Beach” already kicking off, we’re expecting nothing less than amazing as the roster includes some of our favorite artists like Hueman, Fafi, Nychos and Tristan Eaton. Even if you missed some of the days already, there’s still time to come out and kick it and enjoy all the festivities.

Photo source: http://www.powwowlongbeach.com
More event details: http://www.powwowlongbeach.com/schedule/


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