Walls on the Street: Pow! Wow! Long Beach


On Wednesdays, everyone celebrates a woman crush. Here at The 5th, on Wednesdays we pay homage to our graffiti arts section and share our favorite wall of the week. In our series called “Walls on the Street”, we showcase murals and paintings that deserve to be in the spotlight. As noted earlier on the site, Pow! Wow! has made its way to Long Beach. All throughout the LBC, new murals will be surfacing during the week. Talking to social media, people are capturing artists like Jeff McMillan, Madsteez, James Jean and Tristan Eaton hard at work. Hit the jump to see the pictures they’ve been sharing and stay locked with The 5th for more on Pow! Wow! Long Beach.


Picture taken by @katclave

Picture taken by @the_villainess

Picture taken by @kazmir

Picture taken by @thehiddensome

Picture taken by @powwowhawaii


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