K1X x Lil Thugs “LT Attitude” Collabo Bridges Pop Culture Heros and Design


With the surrounding hype starting to swell around NWA biography, “Straight Outta Compton,” basketball brand K1X teams up with French graphic artist Lil Thugs to create a shirt collabo that both goes hooard for the NWA loyalist and pleases the prototypical design junkie. The World’s Most Dangerous Group is drawn up fully-equipped with weapons and accessories that is simultaneously extremely detailed, yet remaining simplistic. Lil Thugs has made his calling card out of these pop culture heroes/influencers caricatures, transforming the likes of Stephen Curry and James Harden to “Do the Right Thing” and “White Men Can’t Jump,” into two-dimensional renderings that are both accurate and playful. Hit the jump to catch more of Lil Thugs’ work and look out for the collabo on the K1X online store.










Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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