Subway Strutting

Marie Poppins, Dassy and Sophie Create, three of the dopest female poppers in the US right now, dropped a new concept video filmed in the subways of Brooklyn, New York. Having been in the freestyle scene for years, each of these women have earned their stripes winning countless battles nationwide. They’ve headlined with major artists, performed in countless shows and showcased in various music videos. Even as they each, individually, took on the mainstream world, they’ve stayed true to their underground roots, keeping the freestyle culture at the forefront of everything they do. Titled “Subway Strutting,” they paid homage to strutting style, with the classic 90s hit “Freestyler” by breakbeat/electro funk artists Bomfunk MC’s. Redefining popping (what used to be considered a “man’s world”), these three have dropped the zoot suits, baggy pants, and XL t-shirts to allow themselves to shine as they are — female poppers. Now, they dress to showcase what it looks like for a woman to get down. And, ooh, do they get down, looking good at it too. Catch any of them in world class battles be it in the US or otherwise. Competitors, beware. When these women come out to play, be it choreography or freestyle, they go hard.

Noelle Marie

Noelle Marie is a writer and personal essayist that covers topics ranging from social justice to the Asian diaspora to hip hop and street dance. She's currently finishing up a novel covering her roots in the Philippines, and she's the dance editor at the 5th. You can also catch her at any street dance event in LA either competing, judging, or performing.