Peep This: Throwback Baby Girl Music Videos

This upcoming Saturday night will be one for the books as we bring another dance party to Chinatown in Los Angeles. The last Bad Boy Dance Party brought out the illest party people, so expect the Baby Girl Dance Party to be just as hype. Shout out to the fly sister duo from Dizon Dreams for always creating the dopest themed parties. Hit the jump to see our selection of the best “Baby Girl” music videos. Just a tease to get y’all in the mood for what we’re bringing this weekend.


Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody

THEE Baby Girl, better known as Aaliyah, implored the question on the quintessential 90s r&b track “Are You That Somebody,” singing “…gotta watch my back, ’cause I’m not just anybody/ ‘Cause I really need somebody, tell me are you that somebody?”

Big L / Dizon Dreams



Brandy – Baby

Brandy is the ultimate Baby Girl and my 90s inspiration. Her style and lyrics in this video are relatable and so flavorful, plus those dance moves are classic Baby Girl! Listening to this song, you can’t deny bopping your head and bouncing your shoulders, and that’s what a Baby Girl track does for you.

Lainney Dizon / Dizon Dreams



Monica – The First Night

Based off of sound and visuals, this is definitely the quintessential, yet underrated representative “Baby Girl” video at the moment for me. Everything about the video, from pre-Shannon Brown Mo in all white with matching back-up dancers shot with a fisheye lens, all the way down to the song itself (complete with Jermaine Dupri ad libs) “The First Night” was always the jam.

Nina Tabios / Community Manager for The 5th Element Magazine



Aaliyah – One In A Million

When “Baby Girl” comes to mind, it undeniably leads to Aaliyah. This music video is the perfect combination of Baby Girl as it portrays the idea so perfectly; it’s a combination of sexy, cool, a little bit of thug, a dash of tomboy and topped with a ladylike attitude.

Janine Yoro / Graffiti Editor for The 5th Element Magazine



Sista – Brand New

I wanna take it back and go with SISTA’s “Brand New.” This was Missy Elliott’s group, and her 1994 debut onto the music scene. Its video is a great example of my definition of “Baby Girl”: a streetwise chick with heavy tomboy appeal, and looks that could kill — or at the very least, intimidate. Plus, Baby Girl joints aren’t the real deal if it doesn’t bump in your Jeep, and “Brand New” definitely bumps!

Lindsey Linayao / Emcee Editor for The 5th Element Magazine



702 – Steelo

Baby Girls in high school were out of my league. But real talk, they were out of everyone’s league. Their outfits made you do a double take, they had a different clique for every day of the week and they always looked fresh even after 5th period. But none of that mattered to them if they didn’t have a baby boo on the other end of the phone line. Most guys found them intimidating, so if a Baby Girl liked your steelo she’ll make the first move and exchange digits before your bus stop.

– Marc Mangapit – DJ Editor for The 5th Element Magazine


Marc Mangapit

Editor and freelance writer from Los Angeles. Pizza hunter and burger snob. He misses the old Kanye, the "I can't even go to the grocery store without some Ones that's clean and a shirt with a team" Kanye.

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