Dance Fight LA – Originellie Showcase

Photo Courtesy of Originellie
Photo Courtesy of Originellie

I’ve always been a big fan of seeing street dancers go on to do big things. My first contact with Nellie Bethel,  now an acclaimed choreographer and professional dancer, was back in 2010 during Homeland’s Annual Jam. She competed in the Waacking category. At the time, I was young, new in the scene and starstruck by her alongside all the other internationally acclaimed dancers that circulated the ghetto Wilmington gymnasium we were all in.

In any case, it’s been five years and she has long since evolved from a past self that was already great. Here, I stumbled across a performance she did for Dance Fight — a freestyle jam that takes place in Los Angeles, California. What she brings to the table is a blend of house, freestyle, popping and waacking. I’ll never tire of watching this woman’s work. Personally, I love seeing freestyle dancers tap into choreography; specifically, because it’s refreshing to finally see the blend of freestyle and choreo. In this case, Nellie takes the best of foundation and blends it with the visual aesthetic of hip-hop choreography. And you have to admit, it looks like they’re having a party.

Noelle Marie

Noelle Marie is a writer and personal essayist that covers topics ranging from social justice to the Asian diaspora to hip hop and street dance. She's currently finishing up a novel covering her roots in the Philippines, and she's the dance editor at the 5th. You can also catch her at any street dance event in LA either competing, judging, or performing.

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