KOD Hip Hop: Flooridians vs. Versastyle Fellas

Looks like Step X Step posted the videos from the Keep On Dancing USA Qualifier. Here is the Hip Hop Final with VersaStyle Fellas vs. Flooridians. As far as I can remember, this was the most hype battle of the night. Anyone who can do an 18(!) minute round has my respect. Further, they kept the battle live. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a combination of real hip-hop, old school hip-hop, new school and all its various sub genres, slick grooves and party dancing. The whole crowd was bugging out with these four dancers alongside the four from VersaStyle. For results, Flooridians will go on to represent the USA in the World Finals 2016. Feast your eyes and enjoy.


Noelle Marie

Noelle Marie is a writer and personal essayist that covers topics ranging from social justice to the Asian diaspora to hip hop and street dance. She's currently finishing up a novel covering her roots in the Philippines, and she's the dance editor at the 5th. You can also catch her at any street dance event in LA either competing, judging, or performing.

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