Koharu Sugawara Debuts New Piece at Urban Dance Camp

Koharu Sugawara Debuts New Piece at Urban Dance Camp

It looks like choreography just keeps getting more and more ill. Peep the new piece by Koharu Sugawara – done to Clean Bandit’s “Come Over,” and debuted at Urban Dance Camp. While I’m not a choreo-head, myself, I’ve slowly begun to have my eyes opened as more and more in-depth pieces have been produced. Just like any other art form, there’s going to be the good and the bad. As I see it, I’ve seen plenty of bad, which is probably what informed my decision to dislike the scene as a whole. But being a little bit more open-minded and having a little bit more involvement within the scene, I’m starting to see why so many fall in love with it. I’ve been working hand in hand with many choreo artists lately, and every now and then, there’s a piece that simply astounds. Then, on top of those I see in person, some like Koharu’s piece find its way to me through the grapevine. If choreo keeps moving in this direction? I’m down. Hit the jump to check out Koharu Sugawara’s new piece for yourself.


Noelle Marie

Noelle Marie is a writer and personal essayist that covers topics ranging from social justice to the Asian diaspora to hip hop and street dance. She's currently finishing up a novel covering her roots in the Philippines, and she's the dance editor at the 5th. You can also catch her at any street dance event in LA either competing, judging, or performing.

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