Peep This: Thriller Meets The Walking Dead in Tyga’s New “Dope’d Up” Video

Peep This: Thriller Meets The Walking Dead in Tyga's New

It’s Halloween 2015 and my Instagram feed is already filled with bootleg costumes that got me shaking my damn head. Ladies, throwing on a furry throw blanket and putting on all your gold necklaces don’t qualify to be a “Cookie Lyon” costume from Empire. And you knew damn well you looked like a hot mess but you clearly #DGAF so there you go taking selfies. But I digress, while some of us prefer current pop culture references as an inspiration for a costume, the other group applauds that one individual who is daring enough to show up to the house party in a well-crafted, bloody zombie costume. We were sent Tyga’s new music video and before you hit play, we need to talk.

MJ’s 1982 hit “Thriller” was the perfect blend of scare factor and engaging story line. I don’t believe anyone can really do it justice by recreating that classic, but many have tried. Props to director LCR$ (yes, that is a money sign, moving on…) for understanding that 2015’s zombie obsession is largely due to The Walking Dead. So here comes Tyga (are you still with me now? Pay attention) playing Michael’s part in the video – rockin’ the tribute red jacket, of course. Playing the girlfriend is Kylie Jenner, no surprises there. Their car breaks down and they end up at a building that could easily be the next set of American Horror Story. I really did enjoy this video though, the effects were dope, no pun intended. But unfortunately, Tyga’s lyrical flow sort of fell as simple background noise. And whether you like his raps or not, he’s boo’ed up with a real ultimate baddie, so he may just be winning the game after all.

Marc Mangapit

Editor and freelance writer from Los Angeles. Pizza hunter and burger snob. He misses the old Kanye, the "I can't even go to the grocery store without some Ones that's clean and a shirt with a team" Kanye.

One thought on “Peep This: Thriller Meets The Walking Dead in Tyga’s New “Dope’d Up” Video

  1. Like what he was trying to do here, just thought he could have done a way better job. You are right, it seemed like he faded off into the background and let the story take over.


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