PUMA x B.A.U. : Chopping it up with Frank The Butcher


It’s business as usual for creative influencer Frank The Butcher as he lays down his “Midas Touch” on another golden collaboration.  Frank’s Business As Usual aka B.A.U. line teamed up with Puma to create a two sneaker exclusive collection, “Eat What You Kill,”  which was accompanied by a long sleeve jersey and some headwear to complete the fit. The collection recently debuted at select Footaction stores throughout the United States, and on the day of the drop, we got to hop on the phone with Frank and chop it up with the creative director himself.

Frank’s inspiration for the groundwork behind the collection stemmed from a recent track he produced for Killer Mike of Run the Jewels’, “Eat What You Kill.” Frank mentioned it was important to bridge the connection of music to the collection. “Music is the deliverer of all inspiration,” Frank mentions as he begins to discuss the creative direction of the collaboration. EWYK has been a long time concept in Frank’s mind, but he chose to wait to unleash the knowledge behind it all at a time in his career where he was able to reach a bigger audience, and more importantly, the kids that reminded him of himself as he was growing up.  Coming from an environment where Frank mentions the success rate is minimal, EWYK stands for the belief that everything should be earned and never taken. It is meant to drive individuals to push through adversity from their environment and reach for what seems to be the impossible heights of success.

“I’m a product of my environment. At the same time, as a young man I was focused on not allowing my environment to stop me from doing something meaningful with my life,” says Frank The Butcher. “This collection represents just that, pushing forward and not subscribing to ‘can’t.’ Eat What You Kill is a way of speaking to kids from similar backgrounds; telling them to go out and get it.”

From environments similar to Frank’s childhood, “selling out” is often used as a term for someone who breaks into the mainstream and commercial world. I asked Frank how he is able to keep a happy medium between staying authentic and pleasing the masses.  “It’s a very fine line…” he says, but he spoke about following your agenda and pushing through to accomplish those goals, but always remembering your purpose and why you are doing what you are doing.  He goes on to say that any product he produces will always have a meaning behind the agenda, whether it reaches out to the youth or any audience, or the fact to keep pushing and reaching to climb out of adversity.



This Boston native is a true testament to what he preaches.  The fashion feature went beyond the seams and created a common thread of inspiration that surrounds this well design collaboration.  Trimmed in the B.A.U. color palette, this collection is perfect for the fall season.  The sneaker design takes inspiration from Puma’s Blaze of Glory and R698 designs.  They have suede and leather details and are embroidered with the B.A.U. stamp on the lip of the kicks and have “Eat What You Kill” on the back heel for the haters to stare at when they do their double take. Guaranteed, there will be a few “What are those?!” moments, but it will be all in good context. I say cop this collab before the eBay struggle ensues and you find yourself paying double on that retail price.


Model-7 Model-6

Nino Llanera

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