Style Profile: Denise “Dwntwn Deadprez” Perez

When it comes to rocking an eye-catching fit without doing ten much, Denise Perez has got it down to a science. Having the AKA of ‘Dwntwn Deadprez’ also lends a hand in elevating her levels of swag. We first linked with Denise back when she was doing her thing as a PR bad gyal with renowned women’s streetwear label, HLZBLZ. From there, she’s grown within the industry, taking her talents over to media powerhouse TBWA/Media Arts Lab. Having always recognized her fashion sense and prowess in presentation, it was only fitting that we let her show out on this edition of Style Profile.

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

For those not familiar yet, please tell us about yourself.
My name is Denise, AKA Dwntwn Deadprez (lol), retired ice hockey player turned PR / Advertising enthusiast, who owns a blue-nosed pitbull named Friday. Born and raised in the Bay Area, but just recently started getting lost in the streets of LA. That traffic doe….

How did you get into fashion?
I first got into fashion when I was in the 8th grade. I was super obsessed with America’s Next Top Model at the time, and I desperately wanted to be a part of that world, but being that I’m barely 5’0″, I knew for sure I was never going to become a super model… sigh. So I had to find other means to break into the industry. Hence, I stumbled upon advertising and PR.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
Oversized. Unisex. Comfortable. As cliche as it sounds, I literally steal all of my boyfriend’s clothes…ooops. He always jokes around and calls my style “Little Bro Swag” (Ferrari Artie, whas good?), but technically, that’s my style summed up in one line.

What is your style philosophy?
Less is more, but you always gotta have that one statement piece — whether it be a gold-ass chain or some bold camo print jacket. I like to keep thangs monochromatic, but surprise the eye with that POP of color.

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

What are some of your fashion essentials?
At the moment, I’m living in neutral oversized basic tees. They’re super comfy, simple, and I can dress them up or down, depending on how lazy I’m feeling that day.

Who/what are your style inspirations?
This is slightly embarrassing, but I always dig whatever North West is rocking (minus the tutu, cause I’d look dumb AF in a tutu.)

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

If you could wear one look or outfit forever, what would it be?
A black oversized cotton tee, black skinny jeans, Ferrari Artie’s camo Rothco jacket, and white AF1 lows.

What’s wrong/right with fashion right now?
I think saturation has always been the industry’s downfall. But what’s right about that is that it sparks a fire in new designers to come up with something new or to re-create dated trends.

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

Fashion do’s and dont’s?
Style wise: Do whatever the fuck you want and don’t have any fashion don’ts. To each their own.

Career wise: Do find a mentor who’s passionate about taking you under their wing and don’t feel entitled to anything and everything, ’cause no one owes you shit in this world without you putting in the work first.

Any fashion regrets you have?

My only regret is giving away clothes and shoes that I thought I didn’t want anymore,  ’cause those pieces always seem to recycle back into my closet one way or another.

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez

Style Profile: Denise "dwntwn deadprez" Perez
Photos by: Karen Capalaran

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