HBK CJ Talks ‘Crash Course 2’ Album and the Rise of HBK Gang

In the music industry, it’s not about who you meet at the top, but rather, who you grow and build with on the way there. San-Francisco based collective, HBK Gang, also known as The Heartbreak Gang, is a prime example of this philosophy. The American hip-hop and music production collective based in Richmond, California was founded by Iamsu!, Chief and P-Lo in 2008; with key members including Sage the Gemini, Skipper, CJ, Rossi, Dave Steezy, Jay Ant, Kool John and Kehlani.

With loyalty embedded in the DNA of HBK Gang, they prove that there’s no greater power than that of a collective committed to the same vision. ‘Family comes first’ has always always been the mentality, and with their fresh perspective of representing the Bay’s melting pot of culture and talent, they comprise one of today’s best music collectives putting on for their hometown.

The 5th Element Crew recently spoke to HBK’s own CJ about his upcoming album ‘Crash Course 2’ due early 2016, the rise of the HBK Gang, and his streetwear brand PeacexPiece:

The 5th Element Mag: HBK Gang is such a powerful collective of artists. From Iamsu! to Kehlani and yourself, each of you have your own signature style. How did your relationship with the crew form?

HBK CJ: I attended Pinole Valley high school in Pinole, CA in 05′ and 08′; meeting a lot of schoolmates, basketball teammates, and lifelong friends, a lot who are now HBK Gang. In 2008, I went to Chief (@HBKchi), who opened the first HBK studio, and who also helped sit down and think of the name “HBK”, and asked him if I could record my mixtape at his house/studio. Recording there is where Iamsu!, P-Lo, Kool John, LoveRance, Skipper, my cousin and I and a few others, not to mention,would always drop in and have music ready. That pretty much continued and never stopped. I had met P-Lo playing on the same high school Basketball team. I met Iamsu! from just being in all the same areas as far as same studios, same friends, same party places. Over the years Iamsu! and I gained a great relationship as friends as well in the music industry. There are a lot of relationships that built inside the culture of HBK that don’t even involve music, the outcome so far is really unbelievable.

People are saying amazing things about ‘Crash Course 2’, your upcoming album. What can 
the listeners expect to hear? What’s your favorite track you created?

My favorite song off of ‘CC2’ has to be “Hustle”, a song produced by my good friend JayRun. It’s one of those songs that’s sung from the soul and you could feel the pain from simply hearing the vocals shoot out of the stereo straight into your gut. The ‘CC2’ album process was different from my past projects because I had a lot more of a handle on the song selection and did a bunch of footwork to make bits and pieces come together. I’ve worked on Crash Course 2 since the release of my last released album ‘Peace and Love’, which was released in February, including songs that were made even prior to that. The engineering process is always the process that makes it a traffic jam. I, as an artist, had to take out as much time as I possibly could to make sure all the pieces were out.

I believe when you’re an artist, you’re an artist in every sense. Your art is multi-faceted. I 
hear you’re working on a streetwear brand with PeacexPiece. Tell us more about your vision for the brand.

PeacexPiece is a complex streetwear brand based out of the Bay Area that represents unity and bringing each other together individually one by one. Change starts with you. PeacexPiece is a brand that stands for overcoming the bigger obstacles one step at a time. Artsy and crafty, PxP’s style is set to give the individual a glow of creativity and confidence. The brand name shows the power of union by combining the words “Peace” and “Piece”, reminding one that it starts with a piece and that one piece is you! Preventing adversity, promoting positivity, PeacexPiece makes you feel in control of the positive energy within you.

Get a sneak peek of the HBK CJ’s upcoming album with the leading single ‘MSGD’ featuring Iamsu! below and stay tuned for the upcoming ‘Crash Course 2’ album coming soon:

Lainney Dizon

Lainney Dizon enjoys writing about hip-hop, fashion and all things that progress the culture. When not expressing her creativity with writing you can find her breaking it down on the dance floor. Follow her at @DizonDreams to continue the conversation and the behind the scenes fun.

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