Jam On It: Shango – Demonstrate

Strng Frnds collective general and chief, Shango, shared a new single on Souncloud entitled “Demonstrate” from his forthcoming project Love Hotel.

For a time, Strng Frnds had a sort of creative center at Shango’s apartment that housed a few other crew members. “Love Hotel” reflects the fluidity of that home, and maintains a clarity and precision in style and structure.  In contrast to Nottin Is Original, Shango’s offering from last year, Love Hotel is more minimalistic. There aren’t interludes of Shango seeking and sharing answers with his AI modeled after Siri like on Nottin.  Instead, the concept is in the slow build, and relies only on the music to build a narrative. During a podcast interview with Strng Frnds, Shango expressed that the approach to the music lately hasn’t been as goal oriented or product driven as it once was, but instead is something that just feels good to do.

Until Love Hotel leaves Shango’s hard drive, you can check out some of our favorite Strng music from previous seasons here.



Devon "ironchef" Ward-Lee

Devon is a Staff Writer at The 5th, Contributor for BeatJunkies.com, documentarian, veteran bedroom emcee, and aspiring professor at Woodbury University. Peep his Black Mirror spoof web series streaming via iBrainchip.

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