Peep This: T-Pain’s Full NPR Concert

Ain’t nothing to the ‘Pain, we can change the last name, wha’s happenin’? In my formative college years, T-Pain was responsible for stereo blasting battles between my dorm neighbors, the founding of an affectionate nickname gifted from my basketball team that would eventually become my Instagram handle (Tabios-Pain!) and the only reason Wiscansin was suddenly an ideal getaway. In 2014, T-Pain graced NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert sans his autotune feature and blew the casual Nappy Boy patrons away, garnering a whole lot of unwarranted, “who knew T-Pain could actually sing?” The show, almost raises the question of why opt for autotune in the first place, after showcasing superb control over a voice as velvety as it is twangy. Recently, he made a reappearance at the NPR studio for a much longer performance — backed up a keyboardist, bassist and two vocalists — much to my delight and the full concert is now available for our full enjoyment. Peep below to catch Teddy Bend-Her-Ass-Down run through his classics, handle a Sam Cooke cover and debut a new ballad, “Officially Yours.”

Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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