Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

On a recent trip to New York City, we linked up with style maven and the steezy mind behind Neckbreakin’ Style, Lynn Kim Do.  The streets of Spanish Harlem were our backdrop, proving to be the perfect canvas for Lynn to paint her undeniable brand of New York chic in obvious strokes of stylish genius.

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

For those not familiar yet, please tell us about yourself.
I’m Lynn Kim Do. I only see things in great photo opps, which is difficult when I like my food hot. A visual maven and an avid social drinker. I’m a child of the streets, which means I find comfort being surrounded by sky scrapers and concrete. I started Neckbreakin’ Style while cat-sitting in a stranger’s home in Manhattan. I created this platform to curate my very honest, sometimes too honest, stories with a style that is also uniquely raw. It is a space of personal experiences combined with personal style. Besides blogging, I work at a creative agency as Content Producer & Head of Social on weekdays and style, creatively consult and work on freelance visual products in between. For me, more is more is more.

How did you get into fashion blogging?
It all began with a cat. I was going through a transformative period. It was actually around the same time when I realized I was allergic to cats. I had just been interning in NYC at a PR Firm for eight months, met a ton of people, broke up with my three year old relationship, just turned 21 and going crazy due to the holiday season. I knew I needed a change and whatever was going to happen to me next was within my hands. I created Neckbreakin’ Style without an ounce of experience or a clue of what I was doing. And I kept on doing what I felt was right, experimenting, occasionally losing, occasionally winning, while remaining genuine. It was a strange time because people were very visual, but I felt like I wasn’t passionate about fashion as other bloggers were. I didn’t know every fashion house or stalk runway shows. I was passionate about style and how it reflected the people behind the threadwork. So here I am now, putting my personal business out there and putting an emphasis on the personal part of personal style.

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

How would you describe your fashion sense?
My style has changed over the years and Neckbreakin’ Style has either made it more evident or was just around for me to document that. I can honestly say that I have finally found my own personal style. It’s contemporary streetwear that is minimal, femme and comfy. I always manage to rep my 90s decade, too, with my go-to chokers.

What is your style philosophy?
My style philosophy is really to be true to you. Experiment as much as you want until you get a bit closer to what you find comfort in. Then invest in classics! You can say that it’s exactly like growing up in the suburbs.

What are some of your fashion essentials?
I always carry matte lipstick in my bag just in case an occasion pops up where I need to spice things up. Always invest in a nice white t-shirt, a good pair of black boots, white sneakers and handbag. My go-to black handbag is my Mansur Gavriel large bucket bag, which I worship.

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do
Who/what are your style inspirations?
I find inspiration really anywhere and everywhere. I really enjoy fearless women who happen to also be fashionable, like Nicole Richie and Rihanna. Some other fashion goal ladies are Liza Owen, Karla Deras, Margaret Zhang and Aleali May.

If you could wear one look or outfit forever, what would it be?
It would probably be a choker, a Jeffree Star matte lipstick in Celebrity Skin, my Threadworkshop sweatpants with side zippers and a crop top. All black everything. I would also top it off with pointy gold Prada heels. And coffee is an accessory right?

What’s wrong/good with fashion right now?
That’s an interesting question. I like that streetwear is slowly making a comeback in a contemporary twist. From its large logos and cheeky beginnings to a more minimal and even lax approach now, it has changed a lot. I think it’s the comfort and laissez-faire approach that attracts me the most. Men are dominating the streetwear genre right now and I’d like women to come in stronger.

I also see a wave of people looking to follow real people in the fashion industry. That’s why bloggers are so important. They give real people a walking opinion of style and fashion as opposed to models and celebrities. Models and celebrities hold unrealistic and sometimes, unhealthy, standards of beauty. Bloggers are giving it back to the people. I can’t say that every blogger is ethical, but it’s a step.

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

Style Profile: Lynn Kim Do

Fashion do’s and dont’s?
Do wear lipstick. Everyone deserves lipstick.

Don’t wear color or printed leggings. CAN YOU DIE ALREADY!?!?!

Do play with socks. Ankle socks, long socks, shark socks. They are gifts I’m always welcoming.

Don’t let other people give you the final say in what to wear. You’re wearing it, so shouldn’t you have the final say?

Any fashion regrets you have?
My whole adolescence was regretful. But hey, I live and I learn. So truly, I don’t have any regrets – even that one time when I wore thick mesh stockings with a Marsala satin dress and a black blazer over it to school. Whoops.


Photos by: Karen Capalaran

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  1. Hi and Happy New Year! Just stopped by to let you know I really enjoyed going through your post! Very cool, interesting (and stylish too!)
    Keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would mean a lot if you let me know what you think !
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Great read


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