Mr. BATHING APE Spring/Summer ’16 Collection Elevates Office Steez

Thanks to slim-fit aesthetics from the likes of Nike Tech Fleece and the rise of the jogger, we’ve gotten away with regulating sweatpants as appropriate office wear. Cozy is as cozy does and while we might be able to correlate sweatpants and productivity, a thin line still exists between streetwear and dressing like an adult. But never fear, BAPE has already beat us to the punch with the launch of a sophisticated line called Mr. BATHING APE, a collection that features shirts, bow ties and tees that are fit for the office but are not without the tasteful application of signature graphics; along with the ape, the collection is even mixing it up with a moustache print that aligns itself with the dandy-esque approach. Check out the full line below and who knows, maybe being a adult and a streetwear head don’t have to be so disconnected after all.









Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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