The Freshest Class 2016: BLC

The Freshest Class 2016: BLC

BLC has navigated their way through the suddenly crowded landscape of luxe basics with a product that’s at once subtly modern and classically refined. Such a fine balance is a challenge to do, but with BLC, they’ve nailed it by superb presentation of their staple pieces. The brand’s striking design is tempered with a clean overall aesthetic that draws even the most discerning of consumers to its finest details.

The Freshest Class 2016: Good Posture

 Who makes up BLC:  Cheyne Gilmore, Creative Director and Design and Fabrice Guyont, Sales and Creative.

Hailing from:  Costa Mesa, CA

The brand’s message:  Dramatic Simplicity.

The style of product that BLC offers:  Wovens, layering pieces, jackets.

The challenges during the come up:  Where to start? The economic landscape mainly.

What do you feel has got people giving such great feedback towards your brand
:  Our fits, from streamlined, single pocket wovens, to our stripped down bomber jackets.

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about it
:  That a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting better product.

How does BLC plan on keeping their momentum up
:  Right now, it’s just continuing with our current direction while sprinkling in a few new silhouettes.

What’s in store for BLC’s future:  We have a tri-seamed, bamboo, slouch tee that’s dropping in March. It’s butter.


Photos by: Robert Macaisa

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