The Freshest Class 2016: Good Posture


The Freshest Class 2016: Good Posture

Picture yourself being inspired by a mood board filled with character, quality, taste, and liveliness. The curation is key, yet what’s presented is up to your own imagination and interpretation. This concept is the driving force behind Good Posture, a brand who’s evident characteristics are what have become the main draw for many of its fans. We also have become fans along the way and knew that a spot on this year’s The Freshest Class was most definitely certain for a brand that places content at a premium, no matter what form it may come in.

The Freshest Class 2016: Good Posture

The Freshest Class 2016: Good Posture

Who makes up Good Posture:  Myself (Theophilus Martins) & Max Posture.

Hailing from:  Providence, Rhode Island

The brand’s message:  Have Good Posture. Open to interpretation.

The style of product that Good Posture offers:  Tangibles and intangibles, you name it. From music to clothes and recently stepping into flatware, as long as it’s done with taste, we will do it.

The Freshest Class 2016: Good Posture

The challenges during the come up:  Self-belief. Committing to doing the work. No more dancing around the pool. Jump in.

What do you feel has got people giving such great feedback towards your brand:  They appreciate the taste level and care. They believe the story.

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about it:  It’s a home for those without a home. A voice for those without a voice. You’re more than welcome.

How does Good Posture plan on keeping their momentum up:  No plans.

What’s in store for Good Posture’s future:  Our goal for 2016 is 20 releases. We’re announcing two major things this year so the focus is on delivering it properly.


Photos by: Robert Macaisa

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