The Freshest Class 2016: The Goods

The Freshest Class 2016: The Goods

Form and function. Those are the two words that epitomize The Goods’ products as they aim to grab the attention of the modern consumer’s now elevated tastes. With expertly designed and crafted leather and home goods, accessories and consumer electronics, the Los Angeles startup caught our eye enough to earn themselves a spot on this year’s The Freshest Class.

The Freshest Class 2016: The Goods

Who makes up The GoodsThe team is made up of Samuel Wang – Creative Director and Nick Perrett – Operations Director, but we really share all responsibilities.

Hailing fromLos Angeles, CA

The brand’s messageProvide everyday essentials that meet at the intersection of form and function.

The style of product that The Goods offers: We are a design-focused product company that design and manufacture products which include leather goods, home goods, and consumer electronics for the modern man and the modern designer.

The Freshest Class 2016: The Goods

The challenges during the come up: Challenges are many, but the biggest came from US manufacturing. We had mistakenly thought keeping manufacturing in the US would make things easy, but many quality issues came up. This forced us to end up opening our own workshop to bring everything in-house. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though, as now we have complete control in the whole process.

What do you feel has got people giving such great feedback towards your brand:
We believe there are two things that help The Goods stand out from the rest. First, it is our focus on creating functional accessories. We are adamant about products that can simplify/organize our customer’s busy life. Second, it is the efforts we put into refining the smallest details of each product. These two steps really distinguish The Goods from others.

The Freshest Class 2016: The Goods

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about it: The Goods is about form, function, and affordability. We want to give our customers the most functional and best looking accessories that do not break the bank.

How does The Goods plan on keeping their momentum up: 
We are bringing manufacturing in-house to help us shorten the design-to-manufacturing process and to ensure the highest quality ‘Goods’ for our customers.

What’s in store for The Goods’ future: 
In 2016, we are expanding into Shanghai, Taipei, Amsterdam, and Oslo. This will help The Goods’ international presence. We also have a few collaborations with other brands in the works to increase our exposure domestically.


Photos by: Robert Macaisa


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