Jam On It: Bohkeh – Cotton EP

From the curiosity of finding new music, producers and DJ’s to listen to, I found myself curious of who Bohkeh was.

Back in 2014 I got to see Rj Lim, better known as Bohkeh, perform at the OC Night Market.  Soon after following his account on Soundcloud, I found tracks sounding similar to Giraffage and a few remixes to his original sounds as well.

In the next rounds of night market, Bohkeh came back for 626 Night Market and threw on for Friday night. And I must say, he made the crowd move. The following night, he was asked to return and close out the show because 626 Night Market was surprised with the turn out from his last act.


The good man recently just put out his new project titled Cotton EP. A five track EP featuring Timid Soul on “Kissing Faded” and Osmoji on “Tell Me What.”

Let us know what you think and give Bohkeh a follow. I promise he gives good vibes.

John Kevin "JK" Gabrillo

Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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