Jam On It: Masego – “Loose Thoughts” EP

Fun and free-wheeling, vocalist-saxophonist Masego brings more traphouse jazz to the masses with “Loose Thoughts” EP.

Vocalist-saxophonist-producer Masego comes from a cluster of DMV artists to break through in the last few years. Among him we can list Soulection affiliate GoldLink, D.R.A.M., Chaz French, Max Fuller, Sunny & Gabe and more. Masego, at a young 22-years-old aspires to fully integrate jazz as a norm in the trap soundscape.

Calling it “Traphouse Jazz,” Masego already applied the idea in a collaborative project “Pink Polo” EP with producer Medasin. Though the duo’s musicality is the driving force and beaming light in this project, there’s no denying the low-riding bass and synths that serve as the backbone.

Last week, Masego dropped a collection of new joints, appropriately titled “Loose Thoughts” to show off a more developed and refined take on his traphouse jazz sound brand. Both projects are fun and free-wheeling thanks to the house-reminiscent melodies, soulful bass lines, saxophone chirps and call-and-response ad-libs. But paying attention to the detail in how he layers all these sounds and influences and “Loose Thoughts” reminded me of The Internet.


Tracks like “I Do Everything (More for Cruisin’)” and “White Man” take the vibes down a notch into more sultry fields. Where “I Do Everything” shows Masgeo has range production-wise — using his knack for tasteful and careful layering even at slower tempos — in “White Man,” he does the polar opposite but still proving his complexity even in when taking a minimalist approach.

“Small Talk,” “Wifeable,” and “Send Yo ‘Rita!” lends itself to the danceable, bouncy music akin to “Pink Polo”‘s most notable track, “Girls That Dance.” Being innovative and pushing the culture is starting to be his calling card, but it’s his charm (both in personality and sound) that’s bringing himself in good company and making good music, all the while having a whole lot of fun doing it.

Check out the project below and keep your ears out for this young gunner to be poppin’ off in the very near future.

Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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