Body Rock Dance Competition 2016

Just this past weekend, San Diego was in full effect for Body Rock.

As competition season for collegiate/adult season is finishing soon, Body Rock allowed a few international teams to compete such as A-Team (Philippines), and Academy of Brothers from Australia. Including this year’s First Place winner from South Korea…

Just Jerk:

Canada came back to SoCal to give the crowd another show. Last year’s 1st Place, Brotherhood, came in 2nd Place.

Third Place, but certainly not last, went to Daly City’s very own The Company. Unfortunately, their video has been blocked from audio due to copyright issues on YouTube. But luckily Facebook got through with their video.

And of course great job to all the dancers, whether they touched the stage to compete or just to perform. Speaking of, I’ll leave you off with this special performance:



John Kevin "JK" Gabrillo

Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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