Tell ’em Grublife Was The Reason For This!

The Foodie in you.

Among the many events that take place within the Greater Los Angeles Area, art is essential to any and everything. Whether enclosed between four walls and a roof or within an open-air space with decorative patio lighting, there is an art piece waiting to capture your attention. You may feel some type of way because of the materials, medium or texture. Or even something as simple as oil brush strokes on canvas that engulfs your bloodstreams with enough organic energy to render you speechless. Even though a picture can carry the weight of a thousand words, it only takes something well crafted to leave you jaw-dropping in awe.

So what if the theme of the art show was food related and was Tupac inspired? That’s not something you come across everyday! So now that I have your full and complete undivided attention, I’d like to share with you: To Live and Dine in L.A. – a group art show and food series.

Now this isn’t your average run-of-the-mill “paint a bowl of seasonal fruit” art show accompanied by pretentious soft golf claps to applaud the piece of work in front of you. This is an art show that encompasses the community and their genuine love for food.

Spearheaded by Los Angeles-based artist Alfie Numeric and the good folks behind Grublife (Food Adventurers), attendees will witness a lot of new and veteran artists displaying their food inspired pieces. Which I’m sure will only make you hungry.

This event is free and open to the community. So if you’re looking to gain culture and want to be inspired, this is definitely the place to be. Oh and did I mention that there’s going to be beer, food and wine?

Here’s all the details:

To Live and Dine in LA: A Food Inspired Group Art Show

Friday, July 15, 2016 /  7PM – 12AM

Public Beer & Wine Shop: 121 W 4th St. Long Beach

Also, make sure to check them out on Instagram! @grublifeca @alfienumeric


Michael Mendoza aka The Chef Rawka

Community. Food. Music Selekta.

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