Hennessy V.S x Scott Campbell

The multi-talented tattoo artist is the latest addition in the prestigious line of Hennessy V.S collaborators.

Commissioning the likes of Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairy, and Futura in previous years, Hennessy has a knack for selecting highly skilled and unique individuals to reimagine their classic V.S label. This year is no exception.


Scott Campbell is revered as one of the best and most daring artists of our time. Sculpting reliefs out of uncirculated dollar bills, to creating watercolor paintings inside of a Mexican prison, to “blind” tattooing forearms from the other side of a glory hole – for Scott, it is as much about the story as it is about the finished piece.

“Working with a company like Hennessy is like the oldest person I’ve ever tattooed. It’s 250 years old and I have to acknowledge all that history.”


Campbell’s intricately clean rendition of the V.S label appears to be a direct reflection of his style as a tattoo artist; from the monochromatic/metallic hues of the design, to the artful balance of bold shapes and soft wispy lines, and the stylized typography that Scott has created himself.

“[Hennessy] is something that has been cared for and nurtured for hundreds of years, so it’s my job to render those words and render that label in a way that is respectful of all that consideration.”

The Hennessy V.S x Scott Campbell Limited Edition Collection includes the 750ml bottle of the spirit as well as a Deluxe Set. Included in the set is a numbered 750ml bottle with special wooden labels, a numbered flask with an embossed leather sleeve, and a watermarked design sketchbook, all in a badass wooden gift box.

To peep exclusive interviews with Scott Campbell, and to take home your own bottle of art, be sure to visit Hennessy.com


Photo Source: Hennessy.com



Lindsey Linayao

Emcee Editor for The 5th Element Mag. Outgoing Introvert, thought meanderer, and child-like wonderer forever.

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