Luke Cage: Hip-Hop Meets Marvel

Netflix’s latest original series brings Marvel’s Luke Cage to life in sight and sound.

Creator and executive producer of the series, Cheo Hodari Coker always imagined Luke Cage to be a hip-hop head if the Marvel character was a real person. Subsequently, hip-hop is infused throughout the show’s concept. Each episode is titled after a Gang Starr song, and producer  Adrian Younge and ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad are to create the score.

Hip-hop and comic book cultures are seemingly coming together quite naturally. One example of this happy marriage of worlds are the now 70+ illustrations of Marvel characters reimagined and placed in iconic rap album covers.


Be sure to follow Coker on Twitter as he will be revealing more Luke Cage episode titles and information until the show’s premiere on September 30th.

Image sources: Cheo Hodari Coker, Netflix,

Lindsey Linayao

Emcee Editor for The 5th Element Mag. Outgoing Introvert, thought meanderer, and child-like wonderer forever.

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