Event Recap: Agenda Trade Show August 2016

As trade show season concludes in Sin City, let’s take a look at what brands/companies showed up alongside Capsule and Liberty Fairs.


Starting with West Coast’s own Cali Authentic:


Sticking to the roots of their home state, Cali Authentic fits the moral of what they believe is the definition of California.

What makes Cali Authentic significant is how they pay tribute to landmarks and legendary logos that came from California itself. For example, palm trees through SoCal and iconic music logos.


UNDFTD x Jason Markk collaborated once again for another rendition of the popular shoe cleaning products. For this time around the two brands had some military inspiration. Be sure to purchase the new kit here.


Interesting concept/story here. Randy The Cobbler takes popular shoes such as Nike and adidas, removes the sole part of the shoe and then replaces it with another sole.

The workstation he uses is massive. Every button has a function and muscle work is required to make sure the soles stick to the shoe.


Of course, Agenda had a few surprises during Vegas.


2 Chainz.


Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac  and Aaron of Agenda.


Next showroom, Capsule:


Capsule is known for its intimate and smaller trade show with the finest quality in apparel and accessories. The environment in this showroom is less on business and feels more relaxed for both sellers and buyers.


Speaking of accessories, we came across Steward Stand. What caught our attention was the color patterns they designed for this series of wallets.


They also did a series of simple bi-fold wallets with single color palettes that pay tribute to what they describe as Kodak colors. In the sense of paying tribute to color patterns that we recognize.


We also ran into some Los Angeles locals such as Pool House LA. Right next to the familiar faces of Wolf & Man, Pool House LA caters to men’s style that pulls inspiration from what Los Angeles is known for: food, art, and music. Make sure to stick around for a feature on Pool House LA.



To round off our trip in Las Vegas, we got to cruise through Liberty Fairs. This area of the trade show comes in from different avenues with apparel, accessories, and even photo studios.


Hailing from the busy streets of New York, A.Posse is a sneaker company that focuses on the style that can be worn casually and in business. Stephen Sung designs each shoe to as a reflection of how he saw fashion growing up as a kid in NYC.

We also got a chance to visit one of SoCal’s popular surfing companies Katin.

Being known for their variety of shorts, Katin brings a unique select style of colors that companies rarely use. For an upcoming season, Katin was able to do research of colors from Catalina Island and bring to the table what they believe represents them best.

Of course, you can always match a pair of shorts with a t-shirt or short sleeve button up that Katin provides with their signature style of surf-inspired prints.


Who were your favorite brands and companies from Agenda, Capsule or Liberty Fairs? Did we miss anything you guys thought was interesting? Let us know below!

John Kevin "JK" Gabrillo

Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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