VMA’s Hip-Hop Fashion Moments

Looking back at the best and worst from MTV’s biggest night of music and fashion.

Since it’s inception in 1984, the music-based cable channel MTV has brought some of the best moments in entertainment through their annual Video Music Awards ceremony. It’s the one night of the year aside from The Grammy’s that the different music genres collide to bring forth their best performance and style. And you can bet that the hip-hop artists will do anything and everything to stand out. We looked back at some the most memorable hip-hop fashion choices throughout the decades and have listed them down below (in no particular order.)

Source: Getty Images

J-Lo and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs together were relationship goals. Jennifer rocking that “Sean John” collection though.

Source: Huffingtonpost.com / Wife Image

’95 was a good year for Left Eye, Chilli and T-Boz (TLC). And also, Dolce & Gabbana underwear.

Source: MTV

No one did it better than Lil’ Kim, the original Queen B.

Source: Getty Images

ATLiens’ hip-hop duo OutKast (Big Boi and Andre 3000) showed up on the red carpet wearing threads as loud as their music.

Source: Huffingtonpost.com / Getty Images

2011 was big on rave culture, Harajuku style, and Nicki Minaj.  Her look on the red carpet basically sums up that year.

Bbygrl Aaliyah you’ll always be missed.

Flavor Flav and Queen Latifah displayed the love for patterns in the early 90’s.

Source: MTV

BEP’s MC Taboo showed up showing his support for a certain presidential candidate in 2008.

Source: Getty Images

R&B quartet B2K definitely wanted everyone to know they were part of a group.

No, My Name Is BUSTA.

Source: Getty Images

2 Chainz wearing Versace, Versace, Versace.

Source: MTV

Does Kanye miss the old Kanye?

Salt-N-Pepa wearing lingerie in 1994 should be a style inspiration for all female groups.

In case you forgot, Missy Elliott came out on stage in 2006 looking supa dupa fly with her iconic “The Rain” outfit.

Source: MTV

Snoop Dogg’s best looks. Time to bring back that old school look from 1996.

Source: MTV

Can we all agree that Janet Jackson’s style from 1994 is still relevant today?

The style gawd himself, Pharrell Williams, with the evolution of his red carpet looks.

Did your favorite looks make it on the list? Let us know the ones we missed below!

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